Virginia Golfer May / June 2015 - Page 17

Now with space to work, his arms have a green light to speed through as Billy swings to a balanced finish. Billy’s right pocket stays back to clear room at impact and the follow through. He’s really been working on this part of his transition. backswing—and that’s what you should feel. When his left shoulder works down, his head is in a better spot; when Billy falls into his old trap of raising up, his head tends to move a little up and to the right, which occasionally results in wayward shots. The tenants of Billy’s swing are built on timing and tempo. On the downswing, his shoulders are quieter in the transition, resulting in much better movement with his lower body. We try to ensure that his w w w. v s g a . o r g 12_VSGA_MayJune15.indd 15 right hip remains quiet. It tends to spin out too quickly, a common fault of some very good players. When his lower body is quiet, the resulting action is that his hands are swinging low and his backside stays out through the striking action, giving him a lot of space through the ball to swing his arms freely. Billy has one of the most graceful swings on tour. Even with all the speed he’s built up, Billy swings to a balanced finish and his hands are above his left ear. Both positions are worth emulating. So is this: Note that his right shoulder is closer to the target than his left, evidence that the moving parts of his swing have complemented one another properly. As we continue to refine his motion and he keeps self-correcting on the go while playing competitively, look for the former Virginian to pick up his first PGA T victory soon and our enjoy continued success in the coming years. One of Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teachers, co-author and British PGA member Mitchell Spearman lives in Windermere, Fla., where he works with a number of tour players, as well as a host of celebrity clients and average golfers. He also has golf academies in Virginia. Co-author Andrew Blair is editor of Virginia Golfer. M AY / J U N E 2 0 1 5 | V I R G I N I A G O L F E R 15 5/8/15 11:24 AM