Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 5

C OLLABORATORS Brooke Ashley Hall Brooke currently works at a chic advertising agency in New York. She loves traveling to exotic places and dressing up. This year, she completed her ad- vanced diver certification in Fiji, and embarked on a camping trip throughout Iceland. Follow her on social @brookeashleyh. Malea Thomas Malea is a senior at American University. She is majoring in English Lit with a focus in Creative Writing. Since Malea was a little girl,working at fash- ion magazine has always been her dream job. This summer she is enjoying teaching in Miami and relaxing on the beach. Mi Mi Chloe Park An intellectually curious traveler who resides in Brooklyn; Mi Mi grew up in the South of France and New York City. Currently, she works for the French Government Tourism Board and loves to document her experi- ences through the lens of a 35mm camera. 5