Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 36

What’s the inspiration for your boutique Intuition.LA? At each stage of my store, I want it to always feel like a boutique. Old school shops had everything- think 90210. Donna and Kelly had everything. Growing up in the 90s, I use to shop on Melrose because boutiques were cool. I have to be ready for people who want to mix and match. And you’re heading to South Bay Galleria, what is that mall like? I remember dreaming about of owning a store in the South Bay Galleria. My mother would drop me off at the mall in the mornings and pick me up on her way home from work. Girl, we would shop all day. So this dream has come full circle. My store will be located in a space that use to be occupied by Nine West! That’s amazing! Congrats! What stores are your inspired by with today’s offerings? I love J.Crew and Zara. I love Anthropologie because you can get your kitchen sup- plies and your clothes at the same store. However, I’m trying to create an environ- ment where you can be chic and not be broke. What key pieces will shoppers always find on your racks? A classic white tee shirt will always be available at Intuition.LA. Turbans and color head scarves will always be in my collection as well. You’ll always find jewelry. I wear jewelry more than I wear underwear. You’ll always have the candles because they are custom designed to my scent. Tell me about these candles. The candles are a luxury. My first collection of 4 candles ́qQ ٕɱ)!̻t́ѕȁɡ1ЁAɬ ݥ!̰)Y܁Aɬ1Ʉ!̸Q䁅ɔͽ䁉͕́ѡЁ͍)ѡЁ́͵́ͥٔ)eԁѥԁٔ݅ɍЁȁɽи]Ё́ȁͥ)ɥ)M'eٔхѕ䁍䰁$ٕٔ݅䁽ٕȀ,Ѽݹ)̸͕ͥ5䁝Ʌɕ́ѥѡݕȁ٥ͼɍ)ɽЁݥ͕݅́Ёͥȁѡ͔́$ЁЁ͍ͥ͡)ѥ́ȁ䰁$ѡɽ՝ѡݡ$ɕЁѼѡ͕ͥ́ѡ)ѼѡиԁٔѼ́եѥݥѠ)ͥ́ɵѥ̸)ЁѡɔݡЁԁѼٕݥѠȁɽՍЁɥ)ɑ͡ͻeЁ$݅Ёѡ͔չɱ́Ѽ܁ѡЁ)ɑ) I)%QMM= (