Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 34

“Mel!” Kiara called from the room next door. I dozed off for a few minutes on the love seat. I was exhausted from reading about all the drama taking place in the US. “I am meeting up with this guy I just connected with on Linkedin. He’s an architect from Liberia, and we’re going to talk about my dream office space, “ she informed me. I looked up from staring out at the ocean from my balcony entrance. “Is this record breaking networking time for you?!” I responded sarcastically. Networking and doing all the smooching required for conducting business the An- glo Saxon, Trump - ish, activity was insanely annoying to me now that I was running a million dollar business on my terms. I just didn’t see the point with my lifestyle. I was a few weeks away from getting married at the courthouse with a guy that treated me like an actual Queen. I didn’t need to talk to anyone who wasn’t important to me. Kiara’s agenda was why she was the head of client relations in our business. We were in the South of France to do business - my priority was figuring out where my vendor’s check was, finding a new creative director, and production warehouse by the beach. Kiara’s agenda was getting laid and spray tanned. (yes, black girls tan, too). “ Hello, Melanie! Snap out of jet lag?! Listen, I’m going to get wine and cigarettes from the convenience store a few blocks away. The guy I’m meeting is also bringing green and samples of his marble. Be back soon. Try to get into a better mood.” Kiara knew me so well, and she wasn’t afraid to read me to thilf and back if I needed it. We’d been through a lot doing business that was sometimes janky. She would be gone for at least four hours which gave me just enough time to take a long shower, call the US, and get ready for dinner. But I ended up passing out again on the love seat for a few hours again. The room was just too dreamy not to feel totally at peace and go to sleep. I awoke to the sound of moans coming from Kiara’s hotel room. After being away from home for a few weeks, I longed for the daily intimacy my partner would shower me with as romantic as it was nor X[ HY&]Z[X\x&\^X[\\Y\˂H\][X\[\HY\X[YH[H\HXYۈ\[\[HݙY] ]8&\HHYH܈[]ۛXY\\ˈHXXY܈^HۙH]H[YH[]]^HܙY[\]\Y]YKB][ۜHX[YYXKZ\YXU[YH[H^Hݙ\[[[B[[Y[ˈ]\ LKH\HH[][YHZ\Z]ۈ٘B[^H[ؙH[]ZY]H\YH܈H]^HوH[[ˈ\BH\][]ۈ]YH[ \[ZYHYYYX[ˈH\Y™]\\Y]\\HX \\\[ܙHZHH[\H[[XX[\[\œ][ۈ[XZ[وXX\HXYH^YH۝X]YH\H\[KB\H\][ۋY[\\HHZ\Y\HYۘ[YYHYHݙ\]H\YX[\]][ۋ][YH[\Y[\\ۘ[XK]\›^H[[[ۈ\H\وH]\[ۈHY[ H\۸&][]\Hۙ]^H\[K\Y][[Z]ˈ\Y\^\ܛX[ [HY&][ۈ\\[ۋY\[ H\H[]\NYHYH\ܝ[[۝Y^K[XZXK