Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 32

I had recently quit my job at an upscale restoration company because I simply had enough of inhaling dangerous chemicals, ridiculous fashion drama, and laughable pay- checks. So when I arrived to the South of France on Rail Europe with a yearning for the beach, a little bit of jewelry business and relaxation, I didn’t think I would find myself at the same beach escape that Josephine Baker use to frequent.  In the heart of Basque Country, little did I know I was in for the ultimate escape. It was a Monday around 11 AM when I arrived at the palace along the edge of the sea. The journey took five hours, and with each moment the French landscape be- came warmer dryer, and more exotic. I got my first glimpse of Hotel Francois and all its grandeur when our taxi came around the corner of a small street and revealed a royal palace fit for black excellence.  As the sun hit the purple-and-cream-colored seaside villa, it radiated a power that one can only experience in person. I had arrived in paradise. The concierge staff greeted me at the gates with welcoming gestures; they took my bags and ushered me to the front desk. The hotel’s aroma smelled like Princess Marquisa’s wedding fragrance. The brass key that opened the room was attache Ѽ)٥хɅɥ卡%䁥́ѡх̰ѡѡ́́Ёͥ)ͽѡЁЁх䁵Ʌ) ѡѥ$-ɄѼ ѥ̰ͥєѡ)ͽݽɭ̰ѥͥѕ̰ͥ͡ѕ́ѼљɴM݅)ɅєѼЁѕɹѥٕȁͼ͡ձŸ́Mͽ͡)ѡѥхɰ݅́͡ѼQɥɥݥ)ݕɕȁ݅́ͥЁ݅́ͽɅѥչѡɕѥ͡M)ȁɥɥɥх!ȁ́ٔȁ՝̰ѥ݅а)Ʌ̸ݸ݅́͡䁅啐ȁͥ́ɕѥ͡)]ѕ͡ɕեѕ͔́Ё͕݅́ȁѼٔɽչݥѠȁ͕Ʌє)̸=ȁɽٕ́ѡ՝ݔ͕ɅєɅ́ݥѠ̸%Ё݅́ͥ)ѼЁȁѡȁѡ́݅丁Áݔ͕Ʌєٕ́ɱѡ)ѽݸ%Ё݅́ɕѡх$ɅٕȁѼѡݥ́ɕ܁ѡ)Ʌ́Ѽɕٕ٥фѡЁѽ䁉ɕѠ݅)]$Ё-ɄѼȁэ$͍䁕쁵䁕́ѕ)ɽ䁍Օ̸]ݕɔ݅ѥѼЁɽѕɹѥ)ٕȸ$݅́ݕѡ́Ѽ͡䁉ͥ́́٥)嵕Ёѕɵ̸Qɔݕɔݕѡɕ́ѡѥ$ѡՉ)ѡٕȁѥ́ݸ͡хQݥѕȸQ͡хٕѡ)Q́ ͥɕ͕Ё9ѥAՉÍ$չѡ͠)ɕ͠Ʌ݉ɥ́ѡЁՕЁ͕٥́Ё䁡ѕɽéɕ͕Ȱ$ɕѡ)ͥյq$eЁЁи%ӊéݼѡ́ͥ$Չѕ)䁥ٽt䁑ͥȁ፱qQɕѽȁͻeЁݕɥ)䁕̳tѡȁ啐хȁɽє͕Ʌє(