Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 30

Sanity Addiction P t . 2 words by : melissa henderson In May, the universe led me to the South of France with my new business partner, Kiara.  We had been planning the trip for a few weeks, and the last stop to our destination was Hotel Francois. It was an old property set alongside the Atlantic Ocean on the Bay of Biscay and is the original vacation home of princess Mar- quisa St Claire and Prince Kareem of Nigeria. Since 1849, this imperial palace was a token of Prince Kareem’s love for his wife. Once known as Villa Marquisa, the property became a Hotel in 1956 when the Nigerian royalty wanted to embark on their European journey. They would make a stop at their Diamond business in London then take the train to Paris to the South of Versailles. Their thriving diamond business charmed Parisians to come to Nigeria to own exclusive pieces that glistened like the natural oil the country also harvested. The villa has since hosted some of the world’s most prestigious black writers, fashion designers, and political aficionados of the Caribbean and various countries along the Ivory Coast. Kiara and I thought it was an honor to be hosted by the hotel after slaving away in our factory for the entire summer. 30