Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 28

SUSTAINABLE lit and chic af STATE OF MIND designer ev bessar ’ s firebird 28 Upgrade your style to match your hustle. Thanks to the return of the fanny pack or “waist purse” your hips will get a lot of play this year, and that means dresses will take on a new structure and extra layer. Don’t worry about leaving your purse at the bar because fanny packs will stay right by your side. Don’t you dare diss the chic aesthetic of a fanny pack! Ditch that vinyl and polyester pouch from your summer camp days because fan- ny packs look better this season. They come in leather, suede, and can even transition into a shoulder bag if you choose. The fanny pack also has a new chain strap that makes it fancier and easier to wear. They are perfect for dance parties and glamping hikes. It’s no joke trying to hold your bag and your coordination as you jump over random muddy puddles and rocky downhill terrains. Fashionistas love wearing them across the chest. Even Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing a small leather Chanel fanny pack with jeans. Fanny packs are for the down- town or uptown IT girl who knows how to match prints with prints, rock Adidas Stan Smiths, and take the subway to the beach. To find a cute and chic fanny pack, shop the looks on the next page from Rag & Bone, Moschino and Melissa Shoes. Browse how to wear the look by using the hashtag #fannypack or #waistpurse.