Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 27

Imagine living in Paris like Naomi Campbell in the 90s for a few days while on vacation. A hotel may always be convenient and hospitable, but an apartment that doesn’t scream cheap Air B n B is so much more alluring. Thanks to Paris Perfect Apartments, anyone can live like a Parisian for a few hundred dollars and a suitcase full of cute clothes. That’s why on my second trip to Paris this year, I opted for a place I could call my home away from my cozy Harlem apartment. I booked a “Pinot” apartment on their website www., and a few weeks later I was pulling up to a very French old apartment building, distinguished by an oversized green door with a brass knob handle at the center. It was located on Avenue de la Bourdonnais, a few blocks from the Eiffel Tow- er and steps from La 6VRvBFR6GvW'667W7VWfF"BFPגvWFFRWFf"Bf'7Bv6RFRFV6"bFR'FVBv2fW'g&V66FVƖW'2vW&Rvrg&FRFr&&VFRƗfr&BFR&VG&6FV'&2vW&R66FVB7BWfW'6&W"BW7&W766RFPF6Vb6W'6RFW&RvW&RGv&6W2vFg&V6vFrF'2vFfWw2`FRrG&VRƖVBf77G&VWBfVB&vBBRvFFRvRVgBFRF&Rf ג&VFGW&VBFRFVWf6FvF6f6EbBvB&VGf"v@vFFR6Gb7&76G2B6ƲVvƖvVW2Bǒv2ג'FVB62'WB@66RvV7F6VBvFWfW'Frf67FVVG2FfVVW"&W7Bf6FFBג&W7BG2bVG'vFFBv6W"BG'W"VBFW&Rv2G'r&6FR&F&vW&RVrWBג6FW2&Vf&R&W76rFVג&6G2WfW 6VVBBVB6g&W6B&W7F&VB7FVBbvrWBf"FW"BFW"'&2Ч6W&R66VGVVB6r672&V6W6RvFVBFRגv7&VRFRFRFVB&2W&fV7B'FVG2V6W&vW2R6VBV2BwVW7G2P6&6rW76vFF&FVB6VbF&VvFV"6FRBBWfV6W2vFFW"b6g&V6&WB6rg&V6v2גff&FRWW&V6RbFPW6WVFW'2BfFvR7F&W2f6FVBFBvVVBv26V7FFFR7VGW&PvVBWfW"vWB6VBWRFVB7W&VǒvVF( B&R&RFF6R&6vRvF6rFR7V6WBFvƗGFW'Bv6VffVFvW"f"&R&W@גWW&V6RvF&2W&fV7B'FVBvFwwr&7W&fV7B6&r