Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 23

Grace slowly turned and walked away. Her head was down and her dreams were crushed. Did that really just happen? Instantly, her eyes tiered up and a couple ran down her face. Grace moved her way close to the exit and decided she was going to leave the show early. Grace walked outside and there were cabs lined up. She jumped into one. “Can you take me to my hotel? The address is 70 Av. des Champs-Élysées,” Grace said. “Pas de probleme, mademoiselle,” said the cab driver said. Grace closed her eyes. She envisioned her younger self. When she was in the fourth grade with her two pigtails, she use to read her favorite magazine at night curled up in her bed. She always dreamed to be just like Ann Bella. And then, she quickly opened her eyes, and she mumbled, not no more. After she paid the man, Grace stumbled out the cab and walked to her hotel room. She threw off her dress, took off her make-up, and climbed into her king bed. Grace stretched and rose from her bed as the sun-rays beamed through her cream curtains. She took a hot shower then she put on her favorite blue destroyed jeans and light blue sweater. She sprayed her signature Dior perfume and gathered up her be- longings into her Tory Burch tote bag and headed out her room. She walked towards the front desk so she could check out but a headline caught her eye from The Daily Front Row Press. She skirted over to the News Rack with her bags in her hand and picked up the newspaper. It was an article. But it was not just any article; it was an article about the fashion show she left early yesterday night. Grace eyes widened and she wondered did something happen? Was there a fight? She sat down in the hotel lobby and she read the headline of the story. It was talking about the Creative Direc- tor, Ann Bella. Ann had scammed young editors to write her stories for the magazine. Grace’s mouth dropped because she admired Ann Bella every since she was a little girl. The “heated conversation” spread all the newspapers, magazines, tabloids, and blogs. Ann Bella’s career 15+ years in publishing was over. Her credibility was dead. In the article, it said, “She is now completely irrelevant f