Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 20

when I pushed myself to do a high altitude five-day trek to Peru’s Rainbow Mountain alone. Once I’d reached the peak of that mountain, I found that a corner of my old sto- ry crumbled away, and I was no longer a shy and fearful child, but an adult woman who now, instead of escaping her fears, was a little more capable of pushing through them. And besides. Any loneliness you might feel is far outweighed by the sense of empower- ment that solo travel ultimately leads to. Traipsing around a foreign city knowing that you’ve got this, that you don’t need anyone else to make you feel safe, secure or confi- dent, is the best know there is. And once those tears had dried up in Rishikesh, and I’d taken the expensive taxi to the ashram and, with a whole week of solo meditation and yoga, I was I a bit better equipped in life to pause before lashing out, and not to be put off by the usual setbacks. * N ina ’ s B azaar For product history and to buy, log on to I ndian brass serpant bangle I ndian K olhapuri S andals R ajasthani E mbroidered J acket G old S equinned B ollywood S carf 20