Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 16

INTUITION.LA Since Los Angeles native Alexandria Greenwood opened INTUITION. LA exactly one year ago, she has given away over $17,000 in support of black-owned and female-run busi- nesses. She has sold over thousands of products and will be opening a new location at the South Bay Gal- leria in Redondo Beach, CA this fall. To say she is building her empire by following her intuition is an under- statement. Her loyal clients will buy up her store if they could. One eager customer purchased 20 of her custom scented candles, which is a testament to not only the uniqueness of her offerings but the quality of the goods. Whether you shop online via her live Instagram feed that showcases her ex- pansive inventory from every client’s repost or wander into her boutique, you are destined to leave with some- thing! The trendy online and in-store boutique carries everything you need to dress like your favorite celebrity without breaking the bank. “My shop is for women who use their intu- ition,” says Greenwood, who had her second wind at life when she found- ed her thriving store with just five hundred dollars to her name and five necklaces she purchased on clearance. “When I first started out, I would buy pieces on clearance and then flip them; I had no idea what 16 wholesale meant.” Now she buys quality and trendy items from all over the world, including customizing jackets and pants, tongue and cheek shirts that read “bougie” and “buy back the block. Her signature candle line has become a mus еٔх)ѕȁٕ䁉ɽ)ɥQ՝ȁɥ͔ѼՍ)́չՉѕɕ)ݽ݅́Ѽ́ե)х兰ѽȁ͔)%ѡɱ䁑́%եѥ1)ѽ́ݕɔѼɍ͔ɽՍ)͡ݽձͽ䁑ٕ)ѡѕ ȁѡɕхٕͥ)Aѵѕ̰Ё՝Ё)ȁЁє͡ݽձ)ٕȁѡѡͅ)䁅ٕ屔ѡѽȁ)ͥєq$݅ѕѼ܁䁍̸)]$eЁٔѽɕɽа$)܁$ݽձͥѡЁɥ)́ͽѽȁ፡)ѡЁݽձѡ͡Ё)ѽɔMѡ́݅́݅䁽)ȁлtѕȁ́ѥ$)ЁѡݑݸݡЁѡ͡)ф́Ѽͅ䁅Ё%եѥé)Ʌѥɔ̸ͥ)YMh]Ё݅́ȁٽɥєѽɔ)ɽݥ%Ё݅́ݕ)ɕMѡɽ$ٕ)ɕMѡ䁡ɕхɅЁ)ٕѡ ѥՕAؤ