Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 14

G reece I made up my mind to spend winter in Greece to rekindle a love that I nourished online. It was forty de- grees in November when I boarded a cheap flight. I was anxious and nervous and adrenaline flooded my bloodstream for 7 hours as I stared out of the window to the vacation destination. The last time I was in the country of Greek ancient mythology was with my boarding school friends a decade ago. This time it would be different. It would be to meet a guy I connected with in Italy a few months prior. We decided to meet in Athens, Greece. New York was killing me, and I had the vacation days off from work. When my (then) lover met me at the airport, we were both hesitant at first. All that talking online didn’t do our silence justice during the taxi ride to our Airbnb. I instantly knew something was up. He didn’t look like the guy I had met briefly in Italy. By the end of the first 48 hours together our romantic relations were sparse. It was unsettling. The fire I was hoping to feel was physically non-existent. After a while, I started to question the entire experience. Was I wrong for coming hundreds of miles across the Atlantic Ocean to feel something real, only to feel empty? I went through his Mac Book while he was in the shower and searched for my name. Nothing came up. I looked through his photos, he was a blond in all of them, but the person I had met at the airport was a brunette. Suddenly, an email popped up from his psychologist. “Call us immediately, you must take your medication before it’s too late!” 14