Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 13

Violet Summer Madlibs G rab a pen , a friend and ask them only what ’ s in parentheses in the paragraph below . at the end , read out the full story with their responses . I was boarding a flight to Paris from Belgium when I spotted _____________( Would you rather be Khaleesi or Cersei?) in front of me. I tapped her on the shoulder with my _________________ (Android or Ip- hone?) and she freaked out on me. She thought I was her enemy’s claws. “My bad, sis!” I said. But it was too late! She went full blown Game of Thones. She started throwing stale_____________ ( macroons or croissants?) at me! The flight attendant ran over to break up the battle by throwing cold ______________ (matcha or cappuccino?) on both of us. “I am the ruler of this earth!” She screamed. I instantly went into a deep purple trance, and ended up following her to Paris. When we got off the plane. She gave me _____________water ( misting spray or hair spray?) to stay invisible as we went through customs. This is the_______ (number of times you bought your friends dinner?) time visitors have come to Paris and managed to get though the mean security gaurds. Can you blame them!? Paris is the most protected city in the world besides New York! So here I was following _______________( Would you rather be Khaleesi or Cersei?) and we were headed straight to Versailles. She said I had to get married to ________________( Would you rather kiss Future or Gucci Mane?). They were also her captives since he always had good ___________________( rosé or red wine?). When we arrived to Hotel Francois, I was exhausted and escorted to my very own (Would you rather sleep in a barn or garage?). How could I believe that being held captive was going to be fun? My ho- tel room was covered in ___________________( condoms or a IUDs?). 13