Violet Summer Zine Issue 3 - Page 12

scammer Everyone has experienced a time in their life when they have been cheated or wronged. Whether it was buying a fake Gucci wallet or staying at a shitty hostel while traveling abroad, life is full of adventure. Everything that is beau- tiful is not always good for you. People will believe anything as long as the story looks and feels real and that’s where a scam can live. Good prices don’t always yield good results. Individuals who fall into a scam think the deal is so good; it has to be true. It is a unique experi- ence where you feel vulnerable when you realize everything that nice sales- man told you was false! A scam takes place in the hood every day. Usually in the form of credit card fraud related to buying designer clothes or material goods. Growing up in Philadelphia, people would buy prepaid credit cards for a cheaper rate than the actual mon- ey on the card. A $100 in cash could get you $500 in a prepaid credit card if you knew the right person. The biggest scams are always in retail. Such was the case when a friend told me he got scammed into buying fake Armani Ex- change jackets in Midtown Manhattan. It was during the holidays when people are the most vulnerable. He was on his lunch break when a man with a thick Italian accent approached him about directions to the airport and a story about trying to get rid of a set of “leath- er Armani Exchange” jackets because he 12 needed the cash to get back home since he maxed out his credit card. By the end of the hour long scam-pitch, my friend brought three fake Armani Exchange ( disguised as “Emporio Armani”) jack- ets for $300 because he thought he was saving so much money while helping out a frazzled foreigner who even had a fake business card from “Giorgio Armani” the brand. However, when he got home and examined his prized possessions, he noticed the tag said “EZ Collection” and they smelled weird. Suddenly, a light bulb went off in his head. He never heard of the “EZ colle )ѥtٕ́ɵȁɕхͽє)Ёɵ፡Uե)͕ɍ͍ٕɕѡЁѡ)́ݕɔ镹́)ٔɕѕѡЁѡ͔́ݕɔ)Ё͍ѡ́Ѽͅɑ)IЁɕЁЁ)ѡи́ ɽ币ѥٔ)ɥЁͅ9Ё݅́ѡ)ѡЁѥЁ͍Ё)ͼЀ͔݅ͻeЁ)ѼݕȁѡձeЁ͕)ЁѼ役͔ѡ́ݽձ)ɔѼɥq-ɵt%)ѡЁͻeЁѕȁ܁ɕ)͵Ёԁѡԁɔ͍́ɔ)ѡЁͭѥ́ͅѕȁѡش)ɹи ݅ɔѽѼ(Ք̸eЁ݅ՉݥѠ)ȁ͔݅ɔ)ɽչ́Ёѥ̸