Vintage Trailer Magazine Issue 36 - Page 48

Book Nook TO P R OA D T R I P R E A D S Whenever I go away on a camping trip I always pack a novel or two with visions of lazy days spent relaxing in my sweet little trailer. But the reality is that I rarely get that much time to linger what with Pot Lucks, catching up with old friends and sociable drinks around the fi re at night, not much reading gets done and the books usually come home unread. But there are a few books that I do like to keep in my trailer to fl ick through for inspiration and ideas and these are my top picks: 1 2 My Cool Caravan by Jane Field-Lewis & Chris Haddon Featuring stunning photos by Hilary Walker, this is one of my very favorite caravan books ever and was one of the fi rst books on the subject matter to come out. Published in 2010 by Pavilion Books. Hard cover $24.95 Vintage Trailer Voyeur: A peek inside the unique custom trailer culture by Victoria Ocken Just as the title describes, this new book takes you inside some of America’s unique custom trailers with a whopping 208 pages of over 300 photos and stories. Published in 2017 by Shiff er Books. Hard cover $34.99 3 4 Vintage Trailer Style: Buying, restoring, decorating and styling the small spaces of your dreams by Lisa Mora Keeping it Simple: New recipes from the caravan chef by Eva Stovern Featuring photos I gathered from travels across America, Australia & New Zealand with ti ́٥履)ͥѡȁȁ٥хɅȸɽեѡͅٽ䁵́Ѽ́ݕ́)͕̰لMѽٕɻéѼ聭Ё͔ͥ܁ѕ̰ͥ)Ёѡ䁅х)AՉ͡Ё٥ ɱ́ ̸AɉиAՉ͡ԁɔɅAՉ͡MɅ չܸ())٥хɅɵ饹