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About Vintage Trailer Magazine Vintage Trailer Magazine is the world’s fi rst magazine solely dedicated to vintage, classic, retro-styled and custom trailers and those who love them. V intage Trailerites come from all walks of life and are drawn to vintage trailers for a variety of reasons. Some have nostalgic memories of childhood seaside holidays spent in trailer parks, some choose a retro camper because it looks good behind their prized classic car on its way to a car show campout. Along with a sense of classic style, lovers of retro trailers take delight in life’s many wonders – they enjoy adventure, travelling to new destinations, appreciating nature’s beauty and living a life less stressful. Vintage trailerites often also share a passion for classic cars or hot rods and will happily devote countless hours looking after their “toys”. They also have a very keen sense of aesthetic style and an eye for making small spaces look absolutely adorable. So, Vintage Trailer Magazine is about all of these things; an eclectic collection of stories, pictures, input and ideas from sources who all share so much more than a passion for camping. To the vintage trailerites out there living the dream, taking their rescued older trailers back out on the road, this magazine is for you! To those of you who wish you had one, or have one in restoration, I hope Vintage Trailer Magazine will inspire and motivate you to make your dreams come true and join the growing number of vintage trailer enthusiasts enjoying the wide-open spaces, dramatic scenery and fellow friendly travellers out there on the road.. Vintage Trailer Magazine always welcomes submissions from its readers. If you have a story you’d like to share, an amusing road trip photo or a trailer restoration you’d like to share: write to: Production Crew PUBLISHER & EDITOR Lisa Mora EMAIL EDITOR’S ASSISTANT Alex Bouchet DESIGN & LAYOUT Kelsey Adams ( Printed in the U.S.A. CONTRIBUTORS Carley Beimel, Carla Besser, Jane Bumar, Mary Corrington, Kaleb Hook, Carol Lowell, Sandi Whitteker, Jerry Zandwijk ( ADVERTISING EMAIL PHONE (775) 409 5256 CONTACT Vintage Trailer Magazine PO Box 509, Oakland OR 97462 USA TRAILER ISSUE 35, 2017 SEP/OCT USA $7.50 ™ Nook s Book Trip Read Top Road Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival Chantilly Lace Issue 35 2017 35 0 74470 29041 4 1962 Fireball Vintage, Classic, Retro Style & Nostalgia PLUS ROAD TRIP EVENTS GUIDE & SERVICES DIRECTORY COVER PHOTO Carley & Joe Beimel’s Woody Caravan on Surfers Paradise Beach, Queensland, Australia Photo by Kaleb Hook TRAILER ISSUE 26, 2015 AUS/NZ $10 inc GST SEP/OCT USA/CAN $10 Great Plac TO S TAY ON YOUR es GETAWAY Ultimate Road Trip SUBSCRIBE TO WWW.VINTAGETRAILERMAGAZINE.COM VINTAGE TRAILER MAGAZINE TH E Made of This are ISSN 1838-9740 Caravanning Route 66 Issue 26 2015 26 9 771838 974009 Vintage, Classic, Retro Style & Nostalgia PLUS CARAVAN CLASSIFIEDS & SERVICES DIR E GST CTORY inc ISSUE 28, 2016 AUS/NZ $10 TRAILER JUL/AUG USA/CAN $10 ® For the Love of Ivy 1956 FJ Holden & 1958 Silver Sail Made of This are Minnie House 1960’s Newland Issue Classic Car & Caravan Combo Special P L U S 2 C A R A V A N C L A S S I F I E D S | & S E R V I C E S D I R E C T O R Y Buy a 1 year subscription and get 6 issues delivered for only $42 Subscriptions and all back issues are available from our website store at vintagetrailermagazine ® Vintage Trailer Magazine « V i n ta g e , C l a s s i c , R e t r o S t y l e & N o s ta l g i a « Vintage Trailer Magazine is a Registered Trademark Vintage Trailer Magazine is published six times per year by Lisa Mora. UPC 07447029041. Vintage Trailer Magazine is a Registered Trademark. All rights reserved © 2017. No part of this publication can be reproduced in any manner without prior written permission from the publisher. Opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the publisher/editor. Every eff ort is made to ensure the accuracy of information in the publication, however the publisher assumes no re