Vintage Trailer Magazine Issue 36 - Page 39

Feature Trailer A Touch of Nostalgia WORDS & PICS LISA MORA A dorned with bunting, bursts of yellow fl owers and an old bicycle parked out the front, Carol Lowell’s 1965 Shasta Compact certainly made an impact when I fi rst saw it at the Sister on the Fly Northwest Gathering in Idaho back in June. Venturing over for a closer look, it was obvious that I was going to need to get my camera for this one! The inside of the trailer is simply amazing with examples of fi ne craftsmanship and attention to detail everywhere you look. Bothell, Washington, north of Seattle. They are currently working on a 1965 Chevy truck that they want to use to pull the trailer. Carol and her hubby Mike are about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and had been working on the trailer for the past two years from their home in Carol told me that she was lucky enough to have been gifted the Shasta, after having put the word out to everyone she knew that she was looking for one vintagetrailermagazine | 37