Vintage Trailer Magazine Issue 36 - Page 22

I was beyond excited about attending this event for two reasons: Firstly, because it was whilst attending Hot August Nights back in 2012 that I bought my trailer “Rosie the Riveted” from the Salvation Army store across the road from the swap meet right there in Reno. Secondly, because Hot August Nights is one of my favorite car shows ever and having vintage trailers in the program this year for the fi rst time made an already awesome event just a thousand times more awesome. My sister on the Fly friend Mary and I had a great road trip down to Nevada from Oregon and it was fun traveling with someone else with an older car as well. We stopped overnight at Susanville so we had an easy drive into Reno on the T Y\^KHY[H\\[B\[[\[[YY[Y[ۘ[\]\[ LX[H\H\\HY[H[\\B[YX\HXY\[Y\]H\HYBH\ۈX\ݙ\[[[Y]H\HۛHH\HوZ[]\H۝ۈ[B]\\XB]\; H\YH\X\[HYHY]›وX\H\Z[[ۈ]Y\^H][[[و\[ ۈ][\[Xܘ][›]X[[Y\HXHH\YK]]Y&]HXXH\[[[]B[\Hو\H\[\[YH\[\و\HBZ[]HHY[[[H^HHY ][YHY\\Y8'[^\'H\H\YHۛBH L[H8$ HY\^H]\^K\Y\[[H\][[H[YH\[\]B[Y]Z[\XY^[