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Campus Highlights

Villa Charities made significant progress during 2019 on a multi-year project to enhance and renovate our facilities .
The most visible improvements included building new studios for our dance , music and art programs , and enhancing our Athletic Club facilities . We also installed a new exterior digital sign on Lawrence Ave . to better promote the activities offered on our campus .
Villa Charities initiated the project in 2018 to repair and replace aging facilities and infrastructure . An external consultant was engaged last year to assess the condition of all VCI properties and identify deficiencies and replacements required over the next decade . The consultants found that $ 20 million in spending will be required to address much-needed building repairs and maintenance .
In 2019 , VCI and its affiliates spent approximately $ 2.6 million to improve parking facilities , replace multiple heating , ventilation and air conditioning units , upgrade information technology systems , repair roofing and our electrical infrastructure , and upgrade other equipment . At the Columbus Centre , we launched a major initiative to optimize the use and enhance the quality of our facilities . The improvements reflect Villa Charities ’ commitment to ensuring a sustainable and vibrant future , and to enriching the experiences for all involved .
In parallel with these changes , Villa Charities is thrilled to welcome three organizations as new tenants in our newly upgraded facilities . All of them have a history with the Italian-Canadian community and offer programs and services that complement our offerings and add value to our campus .
Two organizations relocated to the campus last fall : TLN Media Group ’ s corporate and multicultural media production headquarters ; and the studios and faculty of the Academy of Realist Art , a private institution that teaches drawing and painting in the old master tradition . In 2020 , we will welcome Leonardo Da Vinci Academy , a prestigious independent Montessori-centred school .

“ The improvements reflect Villa Charities ’ commitment to ensuring a sustainable and vibrant future .”

20 | Consolidated Annual Report 2019
Villa Colombo Toronto “The Community Services programs achieve consistently high client satisfaction scores.” Villa Colombo Homes for the Aged Inc. (Villa Colombo Toronto or VCT) introduced new initiatives to improve resident care in 2019 while extending its Day Programs and building new art and gardening facilities. Supporting Seamless Care Through Ontario Health Teams VCT began participating in the new Ontario Health Team (OHT) program, which seeks to build a more connected, patient-centred health care system. The program places patient care under a single health team with a single patient record and care plan, and seamless transitions between health care providers, from hospitals to community care services. VCT is a member of the North Western Toronto Ontario Health Team. North Western Toronto OHT, VCT is now coaching other agencies on BPSO practices. Partnership with Mount Sinai Enhances Palliative Care VCT partnered with Mount Sinai Hospital’s Temmy Latner Centre for Palliative Care in the Community to strengthen its palliative care program. The partnership enables VCT to access expert guidance from a Mount Sinai palliative care specialist, particularly during challenging cases. Delivering Excellence with Best Practices Adopting E-Connect for Faster, More Informed Care Decisions VCT is well on its way to becoming a designated “Best Practice Spotlight Organization” (BPSO), signalling its commitment to excellence in care. In 2019, a multi-disciplinary team of 60 best practice champions completed three of four best practices required under the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario program and is now working on a last one. As a founding member of the In February 2019, VCT fully adopted the Connecting Ontario ClinicalViewer (E-Connect), a secure, web-based portal that provides real-time, 24/7 access to residents’ digital health records. E-Connect enables one-stop access to patient information, from medications to lab results. The portal tracks patients across Ontario, enabling health care providers to make faster, more informed care 38 | Consolidated Annual Report 2019 decisions. It also improves efficiencies in care provision and reduces duplication of tests and procedures. Implementing Continuous Quality Improvement Three quality improvement programs were implemented by VCT in 2019. The Service Excellence Transformation Program, which empowers front line staff to pursue improvements, was implemented on two VCT floors. This improved staff engagement and led to the implementation of 52 improvement ideas. The program is to be adopted on all five floors by fall 2020. VCT also implemented four “Think Research” Clinical Support Tools to enhance resident assessments for a wide range of health conditions and care needs. Point Click Care Analytics, used to proactively identify quality of care issues and implement required changes, was also implemented at VCT. Day Programs Extended to Saturdays Art Studio & Giardino Grand Opening Villa Colombo Community Services extended some day programs to Saturdays to meet community needs. The Community Services programs achieve consistently high client satisfaction scores; as a result, several of the programs have a wait list, including the new Saturday programs. On October 23, 2019, VCT held a grand opening event for its new Art Studio and Giardino (garden). Both were made possible with generous donations by the Villa Colombo Toronto Auxiliary. Residents and others use the new facilities to learn art techniques and tend vegetable gardens in the Giardino. Consolidated Annual Report 2019 | 39