Villa Charities Annual Report 2019 - Page 17

Villa Charities’ Giro Cycling Fundraiser: TLN, May 26, 2019 Villa Charities’ 13th Annual Giro cycling fundraiser, held on May 26, 2019 at Veneto Centre in Woodbridge, was featured on TV by the event’s media partner, TLN Media Group. TLN Media Group spoke with Villa Charities President and CEO Anthony DiCaita and other participants in its “TLN Connects” segment. “ Leonardo’s Last Supper”: OMNI Italian News, April 12, 2019 OMNI Television aired a story about “Leonardo’s Last Supper,” a theatrical and dining experience hosted at the Columbus Centre. Created by DopoLavoro Teatrale and inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, the production unlocked the mysteries of one of the most discussed, copied and interpreted paintings in the history of art, providing audiences with a memorable experience. Consolidated Annual Report 2019 | 17