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villa charities message with whom I have discussed our shared passion for this organization. For those who I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, let me briefly introduce myself. FROM THE CHAIR On behalf of Villa Charities Inc. (VCI), I am pleased to present our Annual Report for 2018. The pages following contain highlights of our many major initiatives undertaken during the year, including key activities and programming updates at each VCI department and Affiliate organization, as well as the financials of each organization. You will also find several feature stories, which go far beyond the facts and numbers to demonstrate the unique qualities that make Villa Charities such a special part of the Italian-Canadian and local communities. Since being elected as Chair of Villa Charities’ Board of Governors in June 2018, I have met many of the passionate people in our community who live in, work at, and use our campus facilities, Having grown up in the Dufferin- Lawrence area, I have been part of the Villa Charities community since my youth. Starting in 2002, I have volunteered as a Board member with Villa Colombo Homes for the Aged Inc. (Villa Colombo Toronto or VCT), becoming Chair of the VCT Board in 2016. Now, as Chair of the VCI Board, I am delighted to help our organization navigate new opportunities to meet the needs of our community now and in the future. After 16 years at VCT, it is no surprise that I am deeply committed to ensuring we provide excellent care to our seniors through long-term care and community support services. As part of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s mandate to upgrade long-term care beds province- wide, government-set standards require larger rooms with improved amenities and a more home-like environment, and enhanced accommodations for residents with dementia and other complex health care needs. To meet those standards, in 2018 we continued work on the major project to revitalize VCT’s Fusco wing, which accommodates 266 beds (of VCT’s total 391 beds) that fall within this Ministry mandate. Once complete, these upgrades will result in enhanced facilities and services for our residents and will improve their quality of life. Through the Villa Charities Visioning Project, we completed the first step in developing a campus-wide strategy for the Dufferin-Lawrence campus. The findings of the Visioning Project will be incorporated by VCI’s Strategic Planning Committee into an updated Strategic Plan for Villa Charities. increasingly diverse local community. The project sought to address key issues and needs, leverage VCI’s current resources and identify the resources needed to provide enhanced services and facilities in the future. The comprehensive final report from the Visioning Project is now available on the Villa Charities website. We continue to strengthen our partnerships with other Toronto-area Italian and cultural organizations, who have exhibited strong interest in becoming more active on our campus. Another key initiative focused on repairing and upgrading our facilities. We engaged an external consultant to assess all buildings on our campus and identify and prioritize the work required. Their report indicated that over the next decade, an investment of approximately $20 million will be needed. The repairs began almost immediately, and I am glad to report that significant progress was made during the year, with just over $2 million approved in 2018 for repairing and replacing aging facilities and infrastructure. This included improvements to our parking facilities, replacement of aging HVAC equipment, information technology upgrades, and much more. And, outlined in this report, are many other steps we have taken to better serve our community in the decades to come. As we move forward in 2019, I look forward to sharing these exciting new developments with you. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Aldo Cundari, my predecessor as Chair, for his long and extraordinary service to our organization. And I also express my thanks to my colleagues on the VCI Board and on all of the Affiliate Boards, as well as to Villa Charities President and CEO Anthony DiCaita, his leadership team and VCI staff for their hard work and dedication. And finally, to all the members of our wider community, thank you for your passionate and ongoing support of Villa Charities. 2018 was a year of significant change for Villa Charities as we refocused our efforts to meet the needs and preferences of the communities we serve. This process began early in the year, when the plans to redevelop the Columbus Centre into a joint-use facility with the Toronto Catholic District School Board ended and our partnership was dissolved. Our attention turned immediately to keeping the Columbus Centre fully operational and ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future. A key initiative on this path was the Villa Charities Visioning Project, an extensive community-wide consultation toward the development of a Dufferin/Lawrence campus-wide strategy. The ultimate objective was to gather broad stakeholder input so we can best meet the needs of Italian-Canadians and an Sincerely, Villa Charities Inc. Santo Veltri CHAIR 6 FROM THE PRESIDENT & CEO VILLA CHARITIES ANNUAL REPORT Separately, VCI invested more than $180,000 in new cardio equipment and facility improvements to the Athletic Club. Another area of investment was in Cultural Programming as VCI re- established the Columbus Centre as a destination to explore Italian heritage, music, culture and lifestyle. Programming included the World Premiere theatrical production of “If on a Christmas Night...,” our inaugural Porte Aperte community open house, Italian Heritage Month events, the Diaspora Series, Cultural Tuesdays and various special events. Cultural programming was a major focus of VCI’s communications outreach during the year, drawing significant positive attention to our organization. This included a social media strategy that generated a stronger presence for VCI on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and media campaigns that generated almost 31 million impressions, with coverage in the Ottawa Citizen and Toronto Life, and on CBC, TLN, OMNI Television and other outlets. At Villa Colombo Homes for the Aged Inc. (Villa Colombo Toronto or VCT), we continued planning for mandatory upgrades to the facility. VCT is one of 300 long-term care facilities province- wide requiring renovations to meet new provincial standards by 2025. These and numerous other projects, programs and events are made possible through the enormous commitment and work of our valued staff, management and Boards, and through the active support of our patrons and residents. On behalf of Villa Charities, I offer all of them a huge thanks. I look forward to further enhancing our services and facilities with all members of the VCI community, as we continue to build a strong and sustainable future for our organization. Sincerely, Villa Charities Inc. Anthony DiCaita PRESIDENT AND CEO 7