Villa Charities 2018 Annual Report VC19_AnnualReport_Interiors_Apr29_FNL2 - Page 52

BY THE NUMBERS 87 villa colombo vaughan Average age of residents 202 Number of residents cared for 1,100 Villa Colombo Seniors Centre (Vaughan) Inc. Di Poce Centre (Villa Colombo Vaughan or VCV) implemented new programs in 2018 to enhance the care provided to residents, and was recognized for its excellence in this area with a local award. Applicants on waiting list VCV introduced a new Behavioural Support Resource Team (BSRT) to support residents, families and staff to manage challenging behaviours. The team provides direct clinical support for residents at risk of behavioural issues associated with dementia, complex mental health conditions, substance use and/or other neurological conditions. The interdisciplinary team assesses behavioural issues and recommends intervention strategies. VCV went live with a new electronic system to improve diabetes control for residents. The system improves the quality of life for residents living with diabetes, reduces falls due to hypoglycemia symptoms and minimizes the need for invasive procedures. It employs a standardized, consistent nursing care protocol that provides benefits such as improved time management and reduced blood sugar testing. One year before, the facility became one of first two LTC homes to participate in developing the system as part of the provincial electronic health record platform. Maria Cherbel, Director of Clinical Services with UniversalCare, which manages VCV, received the Ontario Long Term Care Association Clinical Protocol Excellence Award in recognition of her contributions to the pilot project. VCV BEGINS ROLLOUT OF ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS VCV WINS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE HEALTH & WELLNESS AWARD VCV began implementing a new elec- tronic health record platform, Point Click Care (PCC), to provide online access to residents’ health information. The new platform is part of the provincial e-Con- nect system, which provides Ontario long-term care (LTC) homes with secure and reliable access to health information such as medical history, medication information, lab and diagnostic imaging results, and hospital reports. Villa Colombo Vaughan won the 2018 Vaughan Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Award in the Health & Wellness category. The award recognized the exceptional care and services provided by VCV’s board of directors, staff, volunteers and medical team. IN 2018, NEW BEHAVIOUR-FOCUSED TEAM INTRODUCED TO SUPPORT RESIDENTS 52 VILLA CHARITIES NEW SYSTEM IMPROVES DIABETES MANAGEMENT ANNUAL REPORT STELLA LIVE AT VCV Breakfast Television’s Stella Acquisto showcased Villa Colombo Vaughan during CITY-TV’s morning broadcast on September 5, 2018. Stella toured the home, played bocce with residents and helped make homemade sugo. The segment highlighted the significance and importance of maintaining classic Italian traditions. ANNUAL ALFREDO DE GASPERIS BOCCE TOURNAMENT VCV residents Gerarda Giorgio, Enrico Bifolchi, Jim De Gasperis and Toni Varone won the home’s annual Alfredo De Gasperis Bocce Tournament. Residents, volunteers, staff members of the Contruction Committee and Board members participated in the event. Three staff members received a bursary at the tournament to enhance their resident care knowledge and skills. 53