Villa Charities 2018 Annual Report VC19_AnnualReport_Interiors_Apr29_FNL2 - Page 48

BY THE NUMBERS 89 villa colombo toronto Average age of residents 485 Number of residents cared for Villa Colombo Homes for the Aged Inc. (Villa Colombo Toronto, or VCT) undertook several initiatives to enhance resident care during 2018. 377 Applicants on waiting list VCT EXPANDS PROGRAM TO ADDRESS CHALLENGING RESIDENT BEHAVIOURS VCT expanded an initiative to enhance the management of challenging behaviours in residents with dementia and thereby improve resident safety. Funding was received for two additional staff members to take the program facility-wide. Activities include training frontline staff on using “gentle persuasive” approaches and working with recreational staff to review and create new behaviour management programs. YOGA AND DANCE PROGRAMS INTRODUCED TO IMPROVE RESIDENT MOBILITY NEW SCREENING TOOL INTRODUCED FOR EARLY DETECTION OF HEALTH ISSUES VCT INVESTS IN FACILITY UPGRADES The rollout of an innovative screening tool began in 2018 to help staff detect early health decline among residents. The tool focuses on four conditions that account for half of long-term care resident emergency room visits: pneumonia, urinary tract infections, dehydration and congestive heart failure. The tool, which takes just 8-15 seconds to administer per resident, has been built into VCT’s electronic software platform. VCT COLLABORATES WITH MOUNT SINAI TO ENHANCE PALLIATIVE CARE, REDUCE RESIDENT HOSPITALIZATIONS VCT is working with Mount Sinai Hospital to improve the quality of life of residents 48 VILLA CHARITIES who are palliative or approaching end-of-life, ease suffering and reduce hospitalizations. The collaboration includes visits by a senior Mount Sinai physician to share expertise with VCT staff, consult with residents in palliative care, and create an end-of-life care plan. ANNUAL REPORT New chair yoga and dance programs were introduced in 2018 to help improve resident fitness and mobility. Chair yoga uses gentle movement and stretching, while dance exercise, provided in conjunction with DanzArts Toronto, uses music and movement to promote mobility. Numerous upgrades to VCT facilities were undertaken in 2018. These included new furniture for resident rooms in the Fidani north and west wings and 4th floor of the Fusco wing, new security cameras, two new high-efficiency dryers, 37 new beds (with assistance from the Villa Colombo Toronto Auxiliary and Villa Charities Foundation), painting of all resident rooms and common areas, and 30 new stand-alone air conditioning units. attended a full-day education session on resident-focused care. STRATEGY DEVELOPED TO RECRUIT MORE VOLUNTEERS VCT developed a three-year Volunteer Recruitment Strategy to recruit new volunteers. The strategy includes identifying ways to attract and retain volunteers, and building partnerships with community organizations and schools. The number of adult volunteers increased to 88 in 2018 from 78 a year earlier, and there were 57 student volunteers. A survey of volunteers found an overall satisfaction rate of 82%. VCT SELECTED TO PARTICIPATE IN BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES PROGRAM VCT was selected to participate in the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario’s (RNAO) “Best Practice Spotlight Organizations” program. The program, which includes training, resources, mentorship and consultation from RNAO experts, is designed to enhance patient care though evidence-based practice. More on the “Best Practice Spotlight Organizations” (BPSO) program on the next page. PERSONAL SUPPORT WORKERS (PSW) RECEIVE TRAINING AND TOOLS TO IMPROVE CARE Electronic software to document resident care, review care plans and access online education was rolled out to VCT’s 180 PSW staff members. The PSWs also 49