Villa Charities 2018 Annual Report VC19_AnnualReport_Interiors_Apr29_FNL2 - Page 42

BY THE NUMBERS 2,100 columbus centre athletic club Group Fitness Program classes offered 1,560 Private/Semi-Private swimming classes provided The Columbus Centre Athletic Club took a significant step to build a strong and sustainable future with the investment of more than $180,000 in new equipment and facility improvements in 2018. 635 Participants in Registered Group swimming lessons This included spending of approximately $140,000 on new state-of-the-art treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machines, replacing almost all of the Athletic Club’s existing cardio equipment. The equipment offers more exercise program options and choice of motion while improving member safety, with the goal of encouraging members to exercise more and achieve better fitness results. The new devices will also reduce maintenance costs and downtime. The Athletic Club regained members who had left in 2017, after it became clear that operations would continue uninterrupted. Their decision to rejoin represents a vote of confidence in the Athletic Club’s future. A key part of the approach is a new focus on results-based fitness. The Athletic Club’s team of highly trained fitness professionals utilizes evidence-based training methods and cutting edge nutritional strategies to help members achieve their health and fitness goals. This involves assisting members to define their health and fitness goals, set targets and then provide the guidance needed to accomplish their goals. “With a renewed emphasis on results- based fitness, the Columbus Centre Athletic Club moves forward into a future dedicated to making a difference in the lives of each member.” - Mario Mavrides, Director, Columbus Centre Athletic Club The Columbus Centre Athletic Club is now positioning itself for future success by providing the best possible experience for its members through continued service excellence, great staff, strong member relations and personalized attention. 42 VILLA CHARITIES ANNUAL REPORT 43