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“ The gallery space is a jewel in Toronto.” – Tony Luciani, artist/photographer joseph d. carrier art gallery profi le Villa Charities pointed a new lens on dementia with a presentation of Canadian-Italian artist Tony Luciani’s photographic exhibition, “MAMMA, In the Meantime,” at the Columbus Centre’s Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery. The exhibition, presented with support from the Alzheimer Society, told the story of Tony and his mother Elia as they embarked on a unique journey of discovery where the grief and wonders of living with dementia are expressed in art. It was the gallery’s largest exhibition of 2018. “This outstanding artistic event showcased a photographer’s creative and compelling approach to a subject that is highly personal to him, yet is also universal,” said Emanuele Lepri, Executive Director of Cultural Programming, Villa Charities. “The focus on Alzheimer’s was also highly relevant to Villa Charities’ community of seniors.” Luciani’s work artfully tackles a difficult and timely subject with warmth and empathy, delivering a message of hope. It has also helped create awareness of dementia, end the stigma associated with being diagnosed and show the benefits of receiving help, both directly with gallery visitors and through significant media attention generated by the exhibition. This included a Feb. 2018 article in Toronto Life in which writer Ali Amad observed, “The mostly black-and-white images document Elia’s battle with dementia, but they have a playful levity, and some are imbued with a dash of magical realism.” The exhibition brought to life Villa Charities’ mission of promoting and celebrating the outstanding artistic experiences that reflect Italian culture, and providing care for seniors in the community. Villa Charities partnered with the Istituto di Cultura Italiano in Toronto on programming activities connected to the exhibition. TESTIMONIAL My exhibition, ‘MAMMA, In the Meantime’, was truly marvelous in scope and magical in essence. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Emanuele, Flavio, Cassandra and everyone else involved in crystallizing such a massive undertaking. The gallery space is a jewel in Toronto. It envelopes the viewers with its warm rounded walls, creating a cozy and intimate experience for such an expansive floor space. The day my mom and I stood at the entrance and gazed at all three levels at once, with each floor filled with a collection of memories was emotional for us, considering the series was about Alzheimer’s and dementia. - Tony Luciani, artist/photographer (and Elia) “MAMMA, In the Meantime” by Tony Luciani 38 VILLA CHARITIES ANNUAL REPORT 39