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“ Enrolling Sophia in the many programs throughout the years that Columbus Centre provided, allowed her to spread her wings artistically, which opened many doors and opportunities for her. ” arts, youth & culture profi le Columbus Centre School of Music student Sophia Lygdas has an intense passion for the arts – a passion that fi rst took root at the Columbus Centre when she was just three years old and has been nurtured there ever since. - Sophia’s Parents, Thomas and Patrizia Lygdas After years of lessons and countless hours of practice, the 18-year-old has honed her skills at dance, piano, musical theatre and most of all, as a vocalist. In September 2018, Sophia was chosen from among other Columbus Centre School of Music students to represent the school at the Cantagiro International Youth Singers Competition, in Fiuggi, Italy. There, she advanced to the semi-finals and, as a special honour, was selected to sing at the opening of the competition finals. “I felt honoured to not only represent a community I have been part of since a very young age, but also to have the opportunity to experience the culture of the country where my family is from,” Sophia says. “Being among these mentors and talented competitors inspired me and helped me grow as an artist.” Centre at age 10 and piano lessons a year later. By then, having studied dance there for several years, the Centre was already a major part of her life. “Sophia is a passionate and gifted singer who is dedicated to honing her craft,” says Marco Marrone, her piano instructor at the Columbus Centre. “Her voice has the depth and breadth of a seasoned performer, and the best is yet to come.” Sophia continue to study music at the Columbus Centre and is now working toward the Royal Conservatory of Music’s top level in voice performance and Level 3 in piano. She also volunteers weekly at DanzArts Toronto and at a retirement home, where she sings and plays piano for residents. She has also previously volunteered at Columbus Centre Summer Day Camps. While at university, Sophia will continue to follow the music path she began at the Columbus Centre as she works toward her ultimate goal – a singing career. Sophia has performed in many other recitals, concerts and festivals such as the Mississauga ITALFEST and has appeared annually at the Kiwanis Music Festival, where she consistently earns high scores and has won numerous scholarships. She has also played lead roles in several school musical productions, among them “Grease” and “The Sound of Music”. Sophia, who is on track to graduate with honours as a student from Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts in June 2019, started vocal classes at the Columbus 26 VILLA CHARITIES ANNUAL REPORT 27