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BY THE NUMBERS 195 villa charities visioning project Visioning Project participants 12 Visioning sessions 8 In 2018, Villa Charities (VCI) conducted an extensive community-wide engagement project to gather input from key stakeholders toward the development of a Dufferin/Lawrence campus-wide strategy. Participating stakeholder groups The ultimate objective of the Villa Charities Visioning Project was to listen to our community and gather input so we could address any key, immediate issues and needs, leverage VCI’s current resources and identify the resources needed to provide enhanced services and facilities for the future. This stakeholder engagement process involved broad community representation and served as an integral component of our organization’s strategic planning as we move into the next decade, guiding us in the development of a campus-wide strategy that is focused on the future. “Through our engagement and networking process, Villa Charities demonstrated its commitment to improving the quality of life for our community, now and for future generations,” says Anthony DiCaita, President and CEO, Villa Charities Inc. health care providers, patrons and staff. A total of 195 people participated in 12 visioning sessions. Villa Charities would like to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who participated in the Visioning Project. We greatly value the input of all stakeholders as we embark on the creation of an overarching campus plan that best meets the needs of Italian-Canadians and an increasingly diverse community for generations to come. The comprehensive final report summarizing the findings from the visioning sessions was shared during a Community Open Forum in March 2019. The event included a brief presentation on the results, as well as a general Q & A forum with VCI Board Chair Santo Veltri and VCI President and CEO Anthony DiCaita. The report has been shared with stakeholders and is available for review and download at To watch the archived live stream of the event visit The project began in April 2018 with an initial visioning exercise where Directors of Villa Charities and each Affiliate met to outline their key future priorities for the organization. The process was then expanded to include other stakeholder groups including the local and Italian communities, cultural industry leaders, the long-term care community, other 12 VILLA CHARITIES ANNUAL REPORT 13