Villa Academy Admissions Brochure

We are Solid. It really is that simple. We give our students a solid foundation, helping them realize their full academic, social, and emotional potential. Villa graduates distinguish themselves as scholars and as dynamic members of their chosen school communities. They leave Villa Academy well prepared with the knowledge and spirit to tackle their next steps in life with confidence and compassion. 5001 ne 50th st seattle, wa 98105 t 206.524.8885 f 206.523.7131 We are Devoted. Our small classes allow teachers to form an individual relationship with each student, identifying specific learning styles, talents and challenges. To make certain students are reaching their potential, teachers come together in regular team meetings to discuss each student’s progress. This degree of collaboration enriches our students and teachers alike. We are Cherished. Every child is celebrated and cherished. Every student at Villa is well known by our faculty and staff, and by his or her peers. They benefit from the love and support of our strong community. Students learn to consider others in their decisions, are held accountable for their actions, and are encouraged to use their talents to better their community and world. Mission: Villa Academy is a Catholic, independent school dedicated to excellence in the education of the whole child and guided by the Cabrinian tradition of educating compassionate hearts and confident minds. villa academy is a place where children learn to be not only scholars, but individuals of character. Where the development of the heart goes hand in hand with the development of the mind; where the rigors of learning are rewarded by the joys of mastery; where the challenges of growing are rewarded by the satisfaction of becoming; and where, in time, each child develops the confidence and enthusiasm to go as far in the world as their dreams will take them.