Views from the Valley Literary Magazine - Page 23

"Should I Change Myself to Fit In"

Should I be someone else for society.

He keeps saying that being myself is shameful.

It feels like i’m dancing with him silently.

I’m in the back of the class sitting quietly,

But my mind is like an endless war zone—fatal .

He won’t stop screaming in my head,

telling me to be someone i’m not.

The pressure got to me so i bled.

I couldn't do anything but lie in bed,

thinking about the outcomes of each spot.

In the end it’s all up to me.

I hear this clear, distant voice on the other side,

trying to escape the monsters my head let be.

She is trying to help me be free,

telling me that i should be myself with pride.

I don’t know who to be anymore.

Should i be someone i’m not just to fit in,

or should i be myself, free like before.

It was then that i knew i had ended the war.

When she won and he lost all i could do was grin.

-Kally Islas

Photo by Emma Waters