Views from the Valley Literary Magazine - Page 22

He picked a perfect day.

November 1st.

a new start.

fall is the place where things go to die and that is exactly what happened.

I guess the stars just didn't align.

and that is okay.

She acted like mother nature.

The rain


just as her tears.

F A T , sharp rain.

Droplets shattered against the ground.

the wing swings as the trees follow in their bow.

She paces around, gazing at the destruction before her.

pieces of her heart were swept away in flooded ditch banks.

and she was okay.

mystery surrounded her stature.

unanswered questions floating by.

the rain still

fell, softer.

It was as if plump pillows hit her skin.

then she knew, even without her


she'd survive.

over the p a s s i n g


the rain stopped.

the sun came


the crisp autumn air stung her raw face

but she



she could feel again.

-Katherine Pierce

"Mother Nature"