Views from the Valley Literary Magazine - Page 14

"Poem by G and G"

I have a friend, I don’t see her often

She bring warm days, and long nights

She has sand hair and ocean eyes, and a smile that can melt your popsicle

When she comes to town she brings good music and great adventures

She can be described as fearless, she’ll always keep you guessing with every new day

She has a tan that never fades and freckles that outnumber the stars

Her natural beauty takes everyone's breath away

Her voice sounds like waves hitting the sandy shore, and her laugh like fireworks

She's like entering a warm room after a cold day

She's the exhilaration you feel after your feet leave the high ledge and your anticipating the

water below

She's the exhaustion you feel after a long day with your best friends

But the thing about my friend is she doesn't like football games, or basketball games, or late

night study sessions

She doesn't like school dances or christmas break, she doesn't like furry winter coats or they

way boots sound while walking in the snow, she doesn't like building snowmen or having

snowball fights.

I like her warmth but sometimes even the warmest body loves the feeling of the cold winter air

When my friend leaves, I know she’ll always come back

You might know my friend

She goes by many names

She goes by the name love, by adventure, by fresh air, by sunsets, by the feeling of a popsicle

on your tongue, by the cold swimming pool, by the new friends you meet, by parties, by long

drives, by family vacations, by sunny days, by lake trips, by hammocking in the park, by tanning,

by bathing suits, but mostly by fun.

You may know her as any of these names and more

but her most common name is SUMMER