Views from the Valley Literary Magazine - Page 12

A Part of You

I am said to be a reflection of you

How are you who I am, if I don’t know who you are

Do you walk upon legs like mine

I’m doubtful of the similarities our appearances might share

Maybe our alikeness occurs in our eyes

Our tiny window to our own soul showing the burdens each one of

us keeps there

Are they vast forests or raging oceans

Maybe it’s the smile I think

Teeth like snowy mountains hard and firm blanketed in white

Lips full and bright like the moon in lunar eclipse

Turned slightly upward like jack-o-lanterns at dawn

It might possibly be the hair

Cascading in waterfalls of chocolate or vanilla down the back

In spirals or maybe like boards each strand reflecting the face of

its owner

Maybe we share the same cheekbones

Little hills prominently placed, protruding like apples at the

formation of words

The landscape changing to constant emotion you feel

All of these or none at all, how do we know who you are

Maybe it’s not the eyes, the smile, the teeth and hair

What if you are simpler

More beautiful yet the most ordinary

The most of everything while simultaneously the least of all things

I’ll recognize you, because looking at neither the differences or


I am a reflection of you

Mary Claire McNabb