Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018 Newsletter#3 VME 2018_Newsletter#3_Lowres - Page 8

8-10 AUGUST 2018 PROFITER JEWEL VME18310073 Brand : Photonics Science Model : Profiter Jewel • Fine jewelry laser cutting process such as Filigrees, Laces, Ring, Pendant, Bracelet • For high precision process, smooth edge, sharp line cutting, small shape and curve • Easy setup and flexible software for rapid prototype process • Production cost-down compare to conventional process VME18310076 Brand : Lintec Model : D-841 • Processing technology of semiconductor-related materials (pre-cut, special processing) • Processing technology of smartphone-related materials (Anti-shatter Film, processing of special materials, etc.) • Processing technology of general label material (adhesive label, other special processing, etc.) • Dicing tape for different wafer materials including Glass, Ceramics, Package • Anti-static feature minimizes the damages from static electricity and prevent dust on the wafer surface during dicing process • High adhesion to significantly improve the problem of die fly, chipping, whisker during blade dicing CIMATRON E VME18310077 REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE OF LINTEC CORPORATION IN HANOI VME18310078 CNC SWISS TYPE AUTOMATIC LATHE Brand : CIMATRON Model : CIMATRON E13 Brand : STAR Model : STAR SB-16R/20R TYPE G • Semi-automatic UV Irradiation System for UV curable dicing tape attached to ring frame for 300 wafer Small footprint and improved operability and visibility • High precision irradiation with constant illuminance • Automatic feedback illuminance control and easy operation with one button CimatronE is a major CAD/CAM software for manufacturing product lines. They cater to all manufacturing sectors, offering specialized solutions for mold and die makers, as well as solutions for 2.5-5 Axis production milling, turning and EDM. The latest model joining the SB-R series with Guide Bush / Non Guide Bush switching function. The main spindle incorporates a built-in motor to achieve improved indexing accuracy. Both the main spindle and sub spindle are equipped with a C-Axis control function as standard equipment. SAEILO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. SAEILO (THAILAND) CO., LTD. LINEAR BUSHING VME18310075 Brand : LINTEC Model : RAD 2010m/12 REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE OF LINTEC CORPORATION IN HANOI VME18310079 PBG (POLYGON BALL GUIDE) VME18310080 SERVO CILINDER VME18310081 Brand : SAMICK PRECISION IND Model : LINEAR BUSHING Brand : SAMICK PRECISION IND Model : PBG (POLYGON BALL GUIDE) Brand : SAMICK PRECISION IND Model : Servo Cilinder • Ball bushings with recirculating ball tracks which provide low friction movement and the possibility of unlimited stroke. • It offers economical solution for executing linear movements. • Available in a great variety of designs, they can be used in many different industrial applications. • Compact limited-stroke guide with precision balls, polygonal shaft, and outer sleeve. • Polygonal shaft inhibits rotation. • Maintains stability and accuracy by minimizing Yawing, Rolling and Pitching. • Point contact between balls and mirror-polished surfaces result in low friction and minimal loss of rolling movement. • Servo Cylinder that can replace hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder. • Using linear bushing as a rod juide offers minimal friction resistance, smooth motion, high-speed operation, and long service life. • Cylinder barrel and rod are made of highly rigid bearing steel, suitable for harsh industrial environments. SAMICK PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. SAMICK PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. SAMICK PRECISION IND. CO., LTD. FILL AIR INFLATABLE PACKAGING SYSTEM VME18310082 NEW AIR INFLATABLE PACKAGING SYSTEM VME18310083 SHRINK MACHINE VME18310084 Brand : SeleCTech ™ Model : Auto Sealer with tunnel Brand : Fill Air Model : Fill Air Rocket ™ Brand : New Air I.B.® Model : New Air I.B. Express • Unrivaled Speed : Produce 100 feet of inflatable void fill per minute • Simplified Operation : automatically improve the film feed and guarantee consistent. • Save Values Space : fast enough to deliver packa [ۈ[X[(H\][H[H[ۜ\Y]H^B\H]Z[XH8(H\ ^XB(HX\H\]B(HYX]H ]HXB(H\][HܝXH8(HX\HY[H[[(HX\HX\[XX[۝[[(H[H]]X]Xܘ\\(HH\ݙY[[]Z[XBPSQRTPQS RSS Hˋ PSQRTPQS RSS Hˋ PSQRTPQS RSS Hˋ QPQ UTSQSTQLN L  TSH TPSSRTSӂTSJHQQTUQRTQTSPPPPUԂQLN L  B[HHP“[[NHQ[HHP“[[NHV[[XXXX]܈\\YHB[܈]۝\[XX[[\H[›YX[X[ܜ]YKH[XX[[\H\\YXX]B\]Z\Y[X\][K]\[\ˈ]\ۙHوHX[\[[XY[H]Z[XHܛ\›وXX]܈X]\H]\\XH[H[܈\[Y[˂RSTQSSQSTPSTT•QLN L PUSPUPQUSHˋ RSTQSSQԓSQSSPB[HHP“[[NHQ•QLN L BPUSPUPQUSHˋ TS•QLN L L[HHSRSTS“[[NH  Ґ Ԑԑҋѐ[HHT    M M[[NHTPLLM[HHT K    M M[[NHTPMMM8(H\YY][Y\X[[\THLLM[]\H[\SL MM¸(HZ[ݚYY[\][ۘ[\YX][ۈQوUX\H\[ܞB\YX][ۈ܈^ܝ[›X\]8(H\X\X[YX\YXܙ[THMMM[]\HSS L ML]Y\HY\[[B\XKX\H\܂[(H]\\HZ]XH܈[\[܂\YۋXܘ][ۈ[\ZXˈ8(HܙH\[\[Z\[ۂ(HXܜ[ۈقZ\[YۛY[(HXܜ[ۈو[\X •X][ۋӛ\B(H[\ݙ[Y[وYXY[BӈHQUSHHQSPTˋ ӈHQUSHHQSPTˋ SRSPPSTHˋ ]]\ •QLN L  ¸(H\XXH܈HY ][\\]\B[\ۛY[وX[Y[ۜ¸(HZ\\X]HKLZ[ LB[ܙX\H\\YB\[[[ B(H\\HYH[K\\H PŠ LB(H\XH][[[[™[\ۛY[¸(HY \YYۛX[ێB\\Hӈ\ق[][X][ێZ[L\¸(H[X\وK[ΈX^ L []L]]”PUSPUPQUSHˋ UPSTB[HH[X”TTSUUHёPHшSPԔԐUSӈSSBӒPQSHˋ UTQPUSӈTSBQLN L SPӒPPUTPSBSUQSTQ’KˑK[H [[JBLH[[[Y]SH8(QUSBY]&\XY[^X][ۈۈXX[\H[XH܈X[YX\[[\ܝ[[\Y\