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HIGHER Co-located with: PRODUCT VALUE. BIGGER BUSINESS 2018 OPPORTUNITIES. VME18310055 Brand : LKM Model : Sizes from 1515 to 6080 • Size gate, pin point gate available to suit different applications in injection molding • Variety of sizes available to suit different applications • Standard Pocketing Machining • Stringent quality system to ensure products to be long life and reliable LKM GROUP METRO-G_CENTRAL- CONVEYING VME18310058 Brand : motan-colortronic • Material savings: at least a 1-2% saving in raw material costs as a result of reduced spillage and contamination. • Reduced materials handling labour: By centralising material storage, the cost of material handling is reduced. • Maintenance: Require less maintenance than stand-alone systems and have lower maintenance costs. MOTAN-COLORTRONIC PLASTICS MACHINERY CO., LTD. ROBOT DRESSPACK VME18310061 Brand : Murrplastik Model : R-TEC Box 29/36/48/70 MURRPLASTIK ASIA CO., LTD. VME18310064 Brand : Go Inter Tech Model : OEE% Realtime System; Weight Quality Control System • OEE% Realtime • Downtime Monitor and Data Record • Time Line Machine Status Monitoring • Actual Per Hour Monitoring NEW CENTURY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. WELDING MACHINE AND ROBOTS VME18310056 VME18310067 Brand : OTC Daihen Model : Robots (FD-B6 / FD-B6L; FD-V8 /FD-V8L; FD-V25); Welding machines (DM350; DM500; LUXOR-CENTRAL-DRYING Brand : motan-colortronic Brand : motan-colortronic • High productivity and consistent product quality. • Small space requirement. • Fast and easy material change. • Regrind management, preventing an overdose of other components. • Maximum efficiency and with minimal maintenance. • A constant low dew-point throughout the drying process. • Tap the full energy-saving potential of ETA plus® • The LUXOR series dryers are equipped with either two or three fullyinsulated stationary desiccant beds. MOTAN-COLORTRONIC PLASTICS MACHINERY CO., LTD. MOTAN-COLORTRONIC PLASTICS MACHINERY CO., LTD. CABLE DRAG CHAINS VME18310059 Brand : Murrplastik Model : MultiLine/Power Line/Heavy Line/Closed Line CABLE ENTRY AND CABLE HOLDING SYSTEMS • Pre-assembled cables and lines • User-friendly assembly and quick installation • Great packing density and time saving • EMC solutions MURRPLASTIK ASIA CO., LTD. MURRPLASTIK ASIA CO., LTD. LASER WELDING MACHINES VME18310062 ROBOT / ROBOT SYNCHRO FEED GMA VME18310063 • Metal fiber Laser welding machine • Continuity wavelength laser welder • Model, able to weld small detail and very thin materials • Productivity • Flexibility • Friendly • Economical • Productivity NEW CENTURY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. NEW CENTURY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. WELDING CONSUMABLES VME18310065 WELDING MACHINE VME18310066 Brand : Kobelco, Kiswel, Menam, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Welding Model : RB26, LB52, K71T, KR3000, ER308, ER430, L-55, FT-51, Nittetsu 7018 Brand : OTC Daihen Model : DM350, DM500, XD350s, XD500s, DP400, CPVE400II, DA300P, DT300P, D-12000, C-70, etc. • Good quality • Competitive price • Diversity • Good service • Modern • Productivity • Low-spatter • Easy to use NEW CENTURY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. NEW CENTURY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. NIKON CNC VIDEO MEASURING SYSTEM VME18310068 NIKON INDUSTRIAL X-RAY AND CT SYSTEM Brand : Nikon Model : XTV and XTH-series • Wide field of view with sharp and clear images • Robust 73.5mm working distance • Large XY stroke and long Z stroke • Options touch probe for measurement of imperceptible p arts • Easy Operation • Stunning images • Low cost of ownership • Unique Curved Linear Diode Array (CLDA) technology NEW CENTURY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. NIKON SINGAPORE PTE LTD NIKON SINGAPORE PTE LTD VME18310070 NIKON MCAX/H120 PREMIUM PORTABLE METROLOGY ECORACK Brand : Nikon Model : MCAx30+ / ModelMaker H120 VME18310060 Brand : OTC Daihen Model : FD-B4 / FD-B4L, FD-V6 / FD-V6L, FD-B6 Brand : Nikon Model : iNexiv VMA 2520 • Flexibility • Friendly, easy to use • Modern and low-spatter • Productivity VME18310057 Brand : Murrplastik Model : KDL/KDP/KDR • High Quality • Assembly-friendliness • Flexible shelving systems • Simple Online Configuration Brand : United Winners Laser Model : 1KW Fiber laser welding machine; 300W YAG laser welding machine • Innovative system solutions • Design, development and prototyping • Optimization and documentation • Spare parts, customer Support TEMPERATURE DISPLAY GRAVICOLOR VME18310071 Brand : Photonics Science Model : EcoRack • High accuracy and fast data throughput saves time and money • Designed for use under all shop floor or field conditions • Extreme temperature stability and zero warm-up time • Seamless transition between scanning and touch-probing • High quality mark or engrave of logos,2D barcodws, serialized number, and graphics • Clear & Clean marks : Narrow and small laser beam make the sharpness and cleanness letters on substrate • Smallest character height : 0.1 mm and Marking Speed : 700 character/s NIKON SINGAPORE PTE LTD PHOTONICS SCIENCE CO., LTD. LENS STANDARD MOLD BASES VME18310069 VME18310072 Brand : Ophir • CO2 Lens : Excels in cutting aluminum and stainless steel • CO2 Lens : Superior focus stability • 1 Micron (For Fiber Laser) : High quality fused silica substrates • 1 Micron (For Fiber Laser) : High LIDT (laser induced damage threshold) coatings 10J/ cm2 PHOTONICS SCIENCE CO., LTD. 7