Vietnam Manufacturing Expo 2018 Newsletter#3 VME 2018_Newsletter#3_Lowres - Page 4

8-10 AUGUST 2018 COMPACT CNC LATHE VME18310002 Brand : DEES SPC Model : HD-300 • Hardened and heat treated box slid way on Z-axis and wide dovetail slid on X-axis ensure excellent rigidity and stable cutting accuracy at all time. • The machine has a compact and ergonomic design with width of only 1.65nn. The UT-100 is perfect solution for small machine shops with limited space. • Loader is capable of handling parts with diameter of 45/60 mm and weight of 0.5/1 k • Function of die spotting (part trial forming is acceptable) • High accuracy of ±0.01mm repeatability via advanced linear transducer • Micro-down function for high precision of die spotting • END-USER: TOYOTA ACCUWAY MACHINERY CO., LTD. DEES HYDRAULIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. VME18310004 CUT TO LENGTH LINE Brand : DEES SPC Model : HD-1500 Brand : GU YU Model : L/F • 6 meters of big table bolster for 7 progress die moulds • Fast SPM of 5 seconds per part for home appliance industry of GE in U.S.A. • Remote control with Ethernet through touch screen • Balance design for off- center-loading • END-USER: GE HOME APPLIANCES • Coil thickness: 0.2~25.0mm MAX • Coil width: 2500mm MAX • Coil weight: 45,000kg MAX • Line speed: 80M/ min MAX DEES HYDRAULIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. GU YU MACHINERY CO., LTD. SLITTING LINE VME18310007 ARTICULATED ROBOT VME18310005 VME18310008 • A compact 6-axis jointed-arm robot for precise assembly, complex machining and workpiece manipulating • Applications include: pick-and-place, handling, assembly, deburring, grinding and polishing • Multiple installation methods: floor, ceiling and wall GU YU MACHINERY CO., LTD. HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP. Brand : HIWIN Model : RS406 • Scara-selective compliance assembly robot arm • Scara provide an excellent solution for rapid motion in the horizontal plane for pick and place and assembly applications. Widely used in the plastic, automobile, electronic pharmaceutical and food industries. • Cycle time: 0.5 sec (Based on back- and-forth movement over a VD of 25mm & HD of 300mm) HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP. POWER MANAGEMENT IOT KIT Brand : ICP DAS Model : ICP DAS PMC-5231 • Runs on browsers, no extra software tool is required. • No more programming, user- friendly web pages are provided for building the IoT Cloud system. • Ready-to-run Energy monitoring and management IoT Cloud solution: Includes an Intelligent Power Meter Concentrator, a power meter, and Microsoft Azure service. ICP DAS CO., LTD. JKP KNUCKLE JOINT COLD FORGING PRESS VME18310011 VME18310016 DEES HYDRAULIC INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. SLITTER KNIFE & SLITTER ROUND SPACER VME18310006 INDUSTRIAL ROBOT—KK&KC SERIES VME18310009 Brand : HIWIN Model : KK40/KK50/KK60/KK86/ KK100/ KK130/KC20/KC25/KC30/KC40/KC50 • To modularize both ballscrew and guideway as an integrated system • Easy installation and maintenance • Compact and Lightweight • High accuracy and stiffness WISE MONITORING IOT KIT VME18310012 Brand : ICP DAS Model : ICP DAS WISE-5231 Brand : ICP DAS Model : WISE-5231-4GE + DL-302 + iCAM-771 • Runs on browsers, no extra software tool is required. • No more programming, user- friendly web pages are provided for building the IoT Cloud system. • Ready-to-run IoT Solutions: Includes an Intelligent Sensor Concentrator, a Temperature/ Humidity module, an I/O module, and Microsoft Azure service. • CO, CO2, Temperature, Humidity recorder • Displacement detection camera • Environmental information broadcast FP SERIES HIGH SPEED HOT/ WARM FORGING PRESS • Fully automatic production in car body forming manufacturing • with moving bolster for easy change of die sets • Fast speed of up/down/pressing speed of 600/600/15mm/sec HIWIN TECHNOLOGIES CORP. ICP DAS CO., LTD. VME18310013 Brand : DEES SPC Model : HD-2000 tandem line presses with Yaskawa robot and automatic transfer system GU YU MACHINERY CO., LTD. • Coil thickness: 0.1~16.0mm MAX • Coil width: 2000mm MAX • Coil weight: 30,000kg MAX • Line speed: 250M/min MAX IIOT & SMART PHONE INTEGRATION SOLUTION VME18310003 • High quality • High precision • H Y\XB[HRUS[[NHM BQLN L LSSHSHшQUSP”TT[HHQPB[[NH[HHHUB[[NH”THГPTˋ QLN L MTQTQQQ •THԑST•QLN L MB[HHSPS[[NH M   L ۜ[HHSPS[[NHM  L L M L ۜ¸(HYX[ۈYXY[H ^[[\[YB(HYܙ[X\[ۋXBܙ[]X[]B(H\\[HY]Hو\]ܜ¸(H][[ۈوXX^\œX[ۈ8(H][\HY]H\Z]\[HY][ܙ[œ\\H۝(HZY YXYZY[^\[Y\XH]XB(HXX[[Z\[ۈ\[H[XH][KBܙ[\][ۜ¸(H[[^YXX][ۈ\[H[ \Xœ[X\H\YۂSPSPPSTHSTPSˋ SPSPPSTHSTPSˋ STSST•QLN L M”TTUSӈSUQLN L N[HHZ\X“[[NH\Y\[HHZ\X“[[NH\Y\¸(HZ]XH܈\[\X]\X[\˜YHZ\Yܙ[\][ۂ(H۝XH[[Z\[ۈ\[HX\[ۂ[\]H]\[(H[Y\XH]XHYY\X\(Hܚ[]]]X]XYY[™\]Z\Y[8(H[\[[\X[YX\YH\[\\K(HHY\Y\Y[و[[\\[[XYK(HHX[X]\X[]Y[\\]\B\\[H\YYX\[YBHܛX[\][ۈو[[\] ML0˂(H]\YH[[\H[[\\[[۝ ܙX\\\[YHYH]Y[XX[]K8(H]ZX[[XXH[[[[\XZ\]۝[Y[[[[\K(HH\ܛX[Hو\\HY\Y[\[XXH][X\[ۋ(HHYXY[Hو[[Z[][ۂ[\\H[YܘZ[\Y (HYHZ[\\\H]Z[XNX[X[Z[[ZKX]]Z[[]]X]XZ[SPSPPSTHSTPSˋ UHTPTPSHˋ UHTPTPSHˋ [HHSPS[[NH M L  L ۜQHST[HPPUVB[[NHU LL SёTT•QLN L BKˑK[H [[JBLH[[[Y]SH8(QUSB]]\ •Y]&\XY[^X][ۈۈXX[\H[XH܈X[YX\[[\ܝ[[\Y\