Victory Cheer 2017-2018 Membership Packet Victory Cheer 2017-2018 - Page 6

Sign-Up FAQ'S

How are teams formed at sign-ups?

Athlete placement is done in the best interest of the child, the team, and the Victory Cheer program. The decisions of the coaching staff are final. We do our best to match up similar style skills, however there may be athletes who contribute in crucial ways other than tumbling.

When forming a team, all positions must be filled in order to have a successful season. Our goal is to

finalize teams by July 1st. 80% of the groups' abilities will determine the level they compete.

The most common misconception from parents and athletes relates to tumbling ability. Proper technique

is critical to achieve high scores. Simply being able to complete a skill without falling is not the standard

for an athlete "having" a skill. Athletes must be able to perform the skill with near perfect form and be

able to do it consistently, under pressure, in nearly any scenario. Many parents and athletes overestimate the ability and form of the athlete against this standard.

When do I find out my training group placement / When do workouts begin?

You will be emailed your training group placement no later than Sunday, May 21st .

Team introductions, fittings and parent meetings will be held Monday, May 22nd - Thursday, May 26 th.

Training group practices will begin Monday, May 29th. In order to attend group practice, you must have your first months tuition payment and financial agreement turned in after reviewing it with a staff member.

What is the commitment and workout schedule for the team?

Our full-year team is a year round commitment. Performance season runs November - April. Teams

workout 2 days a week for 2 hours each practice. In addition, each team will participate in a 1.5 hour team tumbling class.

If your athlete is selected as a flyer we highly recommend that the athlete attends flight school.

Extra practice may be scheduled if the coaching staff feels it is necessary. We make every effort to give at least one week notice, but in some cases that is not possible. Members are expected to be present at all extra scheduled practices.