Victory Cheer 2017-2018 Membership Packet Victory Cheer 2017-2018 - Page 5

Guidelines for Sign-Ups

Sign-Up Details


This season there is a new cut-off for age eligability. To be on a senior team you must be 11 as of August 31, 2017. August 31, 2017 will determine your "competition age". Please bring a copy of your birth certificate and photo ID for Victory Cheer to keep on file.

Age groups are as follows:

* Senior 5: 12 - 18

* Senior Levels 1-4: Ages 11-18

* Junior: Ages 8-14

* Youth: Ages 6-11

* Mini: Ages 5-8

* Tiny: Ages 5-6

* Pre-Tiny: Ages 3-6


The level refers to the type of stunts, pyramids, and tumbling that a team can safely perform. They are numbered 1 to 5, in increasing difficulty. The level is determined by the Victory staff and directors of the program.

Division Split

X-Small: 5-14 Members

Small: 15-22 Members

Medium: 23-30

Large: 31-38


The Sign-Up Clinic(s) are casual and fun. The athletes will demonstrate in like age groups jumps, tumbling skills, and choreography. They also will meet the staff and make new friends. We evaluate the athletes in like groups and encourage each athlete to do their best. Everyone is placed on a team no matter what! The staff will pick teams based on their discretion. Keep in mind Victory teams are built to compete at a high level.


There may be athletes on a team that tumble at a different level than the rest of their teammates. The Victory staff tries to match up the athletes by level as best as they can, but please remember that stunting, pyramids, jumps, dance, motions and age are huge factors as well. Some will be stronger tumblers than others and some will contribute more with stunts than others. Every athlete is on a team for a reason - please trust the staff and remain confident that the composition of each team is built for success on the competition floor.


*Copy of Birth Certificate and ID

*$40 Clinic Fee Per Clinic

(included with early & on-time registration)

* Medical release form

* Completed Financial Agreement with credit card information; A credit card must be put on file.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to double check all of your information. Contact information needs to be legible and written in black ink. All paperwork and monies are due the first day of practice.


If you have any other questions regarding sign-ups please email the front desk at