Victory Cheer 2017-2018 Membership Packet Victory Cheer 2017-2018 - Page 11


Athlete / Team Policies


* Attendance is crucial to a teams success. All absences must be emailed in and approved to miss a practice. After missing your 6 alotted absences a fine of $25 will occur per additional absence.

* No practices can be missed the week of a VC Showcase or competition.


DON'T BE LATE, please.


Vacations are not permitted during competition season, unless the gym is closed and the athlete has been cleared to miss. ALL planned vacations must be emailed in and verified by the program director by 8/31/17.


Please keep all Victory Cheer clothing,

warm-ups, and uniform in good condition. Please report any damaged uniform items to the front desk via email. Please wear ASSIGNED gear to practie. No Jewelry should be worn to practice and hair needs to be up and out of the face for practice. Mini, Youth, and Junior age teams wear a full top uniform. Senior age teams wear crop top uniforms, but must be covered up with a full top when not performing at competition.


All athletes are placed on a team at the discretion of the

coaches. Age, expierence, & ability all factor into placement. Please understand that athletes may be repositioned, moved, or replaced at any time at the discretion of the coaches. Any changes are made to benefit the team as a whole.


Parents are not allowed onto the floor for any reason. We have a viewing area for parents and other family members. Mini, Youth, and Junior age teams are required to wear the designated VC full top to practice per USASF guidelines. Only athletes on a Senior age team are permitted to wear the designated VC sports bra to practice. Shoes must be worn to practice. Cheer is a team sport, therefore practices must be a priority.


If any of the above rules are compromised, the following

actions will occur:

1st Violation: A meeting with the athlete defining the


2nd Violation: A meeting with the athlete & parent(s).

3rd Violation: The athlete may be removed from the

team or the entire program.