VFRC Publications - Page 34

Research and Development Network Country Partner Institution Acronym Relation Austria University of Vienna U VIENNA Collaboration through review study about the role of plant exudates for nutrient uptake. Bangladesh Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council BARC Dialogue about VFRC’s innovative fertilizer solutions and options for collaboration. Specific attention for development of mechanized applicators for Urea Deep Placement in Rice, protocols for testing innovative fertilizer solutions and relation with GHG emissions research. Brazil Brazilian Corporation of Agricultural Research EMBRAPA 16th World Fertilizer Congress organized by CIEC, the World Fertilizer Society. The VFRC presented on the Potential of nanotechnology in crop fertilization: current state and future perspectives. Canada Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada AAFC Collaboration on review study about nano-fertilizers and plant uptake potentials. China China Agricultural University CAU Identify options for cooperation in research with specific emphasis on micronutrients, development of curriculum for an international course on Fertilizer Biology, Science and Technology and VFRC’s engagement in dialogues about innovations in fertilizers. England University of Nottingham UNOT Explore options for collaboration involving their fully automated and robotized laboratory with X-Ray equipment to nondestructively observe roots in normal soil. Germany University of Bonn Uni Bonn Identification of research collaboration, input in further development of VFRC’s concept and in exploration of national and international research funds. University of Jena UOJ Discussions about VFRC concept and identification of research collaboration. University of Hohenheim UHOH Presentation of VFRC concepts and research progress and identification of linkages to workshops and student involvement in VFRC research. Ghana Savanna Agricultural Research Institute SARI Dialogue about need for innovative fertilizers and exploration of collaboration for field testing of fertilizer products. India Indian Agricultural Research Institute / Indian Council of Agricultural Research IARI/ICAR Dialogue on VFRC vision and cockpit approach leading to intensive collaboration with the IARI, starting with a review study followed up by research to identify mechanisms for instantaneous uptake of Fe and P, through roots, leaves and seed coating. Kenya Kenya Agricultural Research Institute KARI Present VFRC’s innovative fertilizer solutions and explore options for collaboration under advanced controlled and field conditions Netherlands Wageningen University and Research Center WUR Continuous science debates with several researchers, reviews studies performed and collaboration on research pathways. Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency NEAA Introduction about the need for advanced fertilizer research that has been mainstreamed in their recent research program. University of Amsterdam VU Review study on soil micronutrient and plant uptake. ISRIC – World Soil Information ISRIC Collaborative project on development of agronomic database and go-spatial analyses for soil property maps and yield responses to fertilization strategies. Nigeria National Cereal Research Institute NCRI Present VFRC’s work and explore further collaboration. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture IITA Present VFRC’s work and explore further collaboration, being continued with contact for developing a national workshop on crop and human nutrition, with a focus on micronutrients. Norway Bioforsk: Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research Bioforsk Exchange of ideas about innovative fertilizers and exploration of opportunities for collaboration. Rwanda Rwanda Agricultural Board RAB Present VFRC’s work to IFDC collaborators and explore further collaboration. Training of RAB staff in database development and geospatial analyses. South Africa Agricultural Research Council of South Africa ARC Discussion about VFRC’s approach and exploration of collaboration and partnership. Uganda Africa Innovation Institute AFRii Jo [