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On-farm trials at 270 sites with micronutrients in beans in Burundi were found to increase yields by 15 percent on average over recommended fertilization and more than 40-70 percent over farm practice (Figure 13). The Micronutrient Initiative aims to: a. Develop and lead a global debate on innovative fertilizers, emphasizing micronutrients in its broader societal and production-ecological context. b. Build a solid science foundation to govern debates and set an evolving agenda for research and development in micronutrients. c. Engage in action research to develop and apply innovative micronutrient-containing fertilizer technologies for immediate- and long-term impacts. An additional investment of $3 – 4 million on micronutrients in Burundi on existing acreage under wheat, rice, maize and potatoes can raise crop income by about $60 million. Figure 13. Geospatial presentation of bean yields to addition of micronutrients in Burundi based 270 on-farm trials. Map made with advanced spatial statistical methods. Source: IFDC, VFRC, ISRIC and ISABU.3 23