VFRC Publications - Page 21

Figure 8. Illustrative overview of fertilizer interventions that exploit possible nutrient delivery and uptake mechanisms in plants. 17 In this context, strategies envisioned for instantaneous nutrient uptake and to effectively supply onceapplied nutrients for the whole life cycle of the crop may include multiple avenues (Figure 8). Coating of seeds with specific nutrients to enhance early root growth beneficial for nutrient uptake, “loading” or “enriching” seedlings with micronutrients while in the seedbed, “nutrient plasters and infusions” to infuse stems of fruit trees, foliar application with paint-like adhesive substances to lengthen the duration of uptake and “multi-nutrient tablets,” comparable to a dishwasher tablet, packaged to contain information like the specific composition with the right amount for a specific crop and area, are just some examples. These products ease decision-making and application, helping to overcome logistical challenges and reducing economic and environmental risk. Devices to effectively administer the fertilizers to the crop plants, like deep placement applicators, stem infusions and foliar sprays, are essential to reduce labor requirement and increase labor productivity.