Vetri Community Partnership - Page 9

2016 MID-YEAR IMPACT REPORT OUR VISION OUTCOMES CONNECTING KIDS WITH REAL FOOD SHORT-TERM OUTCOMES EAT Students consume a wider variety of foods, including more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains and fewer processed, high-sugar, junk food items. EDUCATE Students learn how to identify a nutritious meal, why it’s good for them and how it makes them feel. They learn where to get healthy food, how to cook it and why it’s important. EMPOWER Students display openness to trying new foods, have the confidence to cook more nutritious meals at home and influence their families to make healthier choices. LONG-TERM OUTCOMES HEALTHIER ADULTS Healthy habits learned early on will help children avoid obesityrelated issues, such as hypertension and diabetes. BREAKING THE CYCLE Children become empowered adults who can pass nutritional eating habits on to their children. REDUCED HEALTHCARE COSTS Early intervention will lead to reduced healthcare expenses and productivity savings to society. 7