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2016 MID-YEAR IMPACT REPORT OUR VISION A FRESH APPROACH FROM VETRI COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP A FRESH APPROACH FROM VETRI COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP We love real food. We are not nutritionists, dieticians or doctors. We are chefs, restaurant industry transplants and food lovers who understand that healthy food is better received when it’s served in a delicious and dignified way. Our programs aren’t prescriptive - they’re experiential. When kids connect with real, whole food in the cafeteria or in the kitchen and learn how affordable cooking healthy meals can be, they are inspired to make better decisions about their own health and become a voice for healthier choices in their communities. OUR SOLUTION Vetri Community Partnership empowers children and families to lead healthy lives through fresh food, handson experiences and education. We’re committed to breaking the cycle of poor eating habits passed down from generation to generation. 6