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2016 MID-YEAR IMPACT REPORT WHAT’S NEXT VETRI COOKING LAB MOBILE TEACHING KITCHEN VETRI COOKING LAB 8 WEEKS, 15 STUDENTS, S.T.E.M. CONCEPTS Vetri Cooking Lab will meld culinary training with science, math and history using the kitchen as the classroom. Our culinary and education experts developed a curriculum that combines hands-on culinary training, education about nutrition, math and science as it relates to food preparation, and the historical roots of various food choices. The intent of this program is to train a generation of educated food consumers by deepening students’ knowledge of food from all angles with an emphasis on S.T.E.M. -science, technology, engineering and math. Special thanks to Glaxo-Smith-Kline and The Emerson Group MOBILE TEACHING KITCHEN ON-SITE VEHICLE, COMMUNITY OUTREACH In order to expand our food education interventions in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, Vetri Community Partnership is developing the Mobile Teaching Kitchen program. This program will include hands-on opportunities that allow us to actively engage with the children and families of our community at a higher level. The Mobile Teaching Kitchen will arrive on-site at schools, farmers’ markets and community events in both indoor and outdoor settings. Our staff will unload tables, cooking equipment, speakers and materials needed to create the teaching kitchen experience. With the mobility of this program, the possibilities are endless as to where we are able to create cooking experiences in the community. 4