Vetlink Rate Cards - Page 3

RECOMMENDED An impression is a measure of the number of times an ad is displayed, whether it is clicked on or not. /1000 impressions You pay for a “Set” of 1,000 views, which means that the price you pay will be for every 1,000 views. APP RATES & SPECIFICATIONS Impression Z1 320px X 100px MENU AD Z2 320px X 100px Z3 320px X 100px CATEGORYAD POST AD R 3295 p/1000 impressions R 1095 p/1000 impressions R1095 p/1000 impressions Within page * To qualify for the low price, you must advertise in more than 4 editions. ** This is the normal price you will pay Google Current Device Installs - Number of unique active devices where the app is currently installed: 707 Total User Installs - Total number of unique users who have ever installed this app on one or more of their devices: 860 Average Rating: 4Star iTunes App Downloads from April to date: 232 App Units - Each app purchase on a device using iOS8 or later: 232 Installations - The total number of app installations and redownloads. Installations doesn’t include app updates: 44 Sessions - The number of times an app has been used for at least 2 seconds: 825 Media Kit 11/2015