Vetlink Rate Cards - Page 2

65.4% 34.6% 23.6% 1 831 Total Sessions A session is the period a user is actively engaged with our App. Returning Visitors An estimate of returning visitors. Total Pages Viewed The total number of pages viewed. Average Time Spent The average length of a session. Registered Members All members that have an active subscription. Active Members All members that have used our app in the last 30 days. CPD Points Logged The total amounts of points logged across the network. Activities Logged The total amount of activities listed on our app. Media Kit 11/2015 VISITORS & MEMBERS STATISTICS MALE 783 TOTAL SESSIONS 648 REGISTERED MEMBERS RETURNING VISITORS 23.6% ACTIVE MEMBERS FEMALE TOTAL PAGES VIEWED (incl. repeated views) 1 831 CPD POINTS LOGGED (Across all members) 2 m15 s AVERAGE TIME SPENT (incl. repeated views) 510 CPD LOGGED ACTIVITIES