Vetlink Rate Cards Volume 3 Issue 1 - Page 8

Companion Animal/Mixed Vet360 Reach: 3500+ 3 500 CONFERENCES: Media Channel Production Animal Livestock Health and Production Review VETERINARY Reach: 300 d) SMS Bulk PROFESSIONALS Advert Dimensions/size Wildlife Hooo Hooo b) Email Bulk d) Magazines Reach: 500 500 a) Vet360 App 300 200 Equine Season or Month of Publication Equine Health Update Reach: 200 Number of Issues/Placements ADVERTISING CONDITIONS Definitions “Advertiser/Advertiser” means the announcement or promoiton of any service, product or item of information. Publications means magazines, proceedings or any other material published by Vetlink in printed, electronically recorded or web-based form. Special Instructions Terms and Conditions All material has to be approved by Vetlink before publication. We reserve the right to reject any advertisement or copy. The word “advertisement” will be place above or below copy that Vetlink believes warrants it. Company Indemnity It is the responsiblity of the advertiser to ensure that advertisements comply with the applicable laws in South Africa. Advertsiments are accepted for publication on condition that the advertiser indemnifies Vetlink, its editor(s) and service providers agains all suits, claims and or damages resulting from anything published on behalf of the advertisers. Contract Conditions Confirmation by the advertiser or agency on the booking form is considered the contract. No cancellations will be accepted after the booking deadline. Space will be charged for, as booked, for late-cancelled or overdue material Media Kit 11/2016 Price (incl discount)* Contact Person Address Phone Email Signature Date Deadline dates for material on the 15th of the month preceding publication. See ratecard for dates