Vetlink Rate Cards Ratecard 2018 - Page 5

Your product and services will hit your target market - the decision makers and buyers in veterinary businesses. Editor: Dr Liesel van der Merwe Continuing Professional Development | Business Success | Clinical Skills Vol 04 | Issue 05 | October 2017 External Skeletal Fixation Emerging Disease in Dogs: Gall Bladder Mucocoele Accredited CPD Compulsive Disorders: Acral Lick Granuloma Also in this issue: Ophthalmic Preparations ❘ Algorithm for Raised Liver Enzymes ❘ Jaw Fractures Issue 05 | OCTOBER 2017 | 1 FORMAT: Matt paper, colour, 40/44 page A4 size magazine READERSHIP: 3500, PRINT RUN: 3500 FREQUENCy: Bi-monthly ADVERTISING REQUIREMENTS: High resolution PDF, CMYK with em- bedded fonts. For all A4 pages 3mm bleed. Material can be uploaded and booked through the Vetlink website Rates ex VAT and agency commission Media Kit 11/2018 SPECIFICATIONS WRITE UP Vet360 readers come from rural, suburban and city locations. They represent companion, mixed and large animal practices, educational institutions, pharmaceutical companies and veterinary wholesalers. 1/1 ----- 210mm X 297mm FULL PAGE 1/2 HORIZONTAL 210mm X 148mm or or VERTICAL 105mm X 297mm HALF PAGE 1/3 THIRD PAGE VERTICAL 70mm X 297mm 1/4 HORIZONTAL 210mm X 74mm or or QUARTER PAGE VERTICAL 105mm X 149mm 1/8 EIGHT PAGE HORIZONTAL 210mm X 37mm As low as R 9 600p/e* Normal R 10 975p/e** As low as R 5 460p/e* Normal R 6 860p/e** As low as R 3 430p/e* Normal R 4 250p/e** As low as R 2 745p/e* Normal R 3 430p/e** As low as R 1 200p/e* Normal R 1 371p/e** * To qualify for the low price, you must advertise in 5 times or more ** This is the normal price you will pay 5 Issues per year: PUBLICATION DATES: Issues - 1. Feb /March; 2. April /May; 3. June/ July; 4. Aug/ Sept; 5. Oct/ Nov 2018 DEADLINE FOR MATERIAL: February 2018 Wednesday 10 January 2018; April 2018 Monday 12 March 2018; June 2018 Friday 11 May 2018, August 2018 Wednesday 11 July 2018; October 2018 Monday 10 September 2018