Vetlink Rate Cards Ratecard 2018 - Page 10

Z1 320px X 100px MENU AD Z2 320px X 100px Impression An impression is a measure of the number of times an ad is displayed, whether it is clicked on or not. /1000 impressions You pay for a “Set” of 1,000 views, which means ]HXH[H^H[H܈]\BK Y]˂[[[\\[[ H[[X\و[\]YH\\]B]\[[Y\\ۈۙH܈[ܙHوZ\]X\Έ H \]\YH][Έ \U[\\ۛYH\[]N [\\Έ K ̍ܙY[Y]Έ L B[YH[  NܙY[[YBBܙY[Y]XY[^N LMB]Z^ K M\XH\ K M\Y\܈ Έ K ]Z^\ K YYXH] LǨ NPQPUSӔUQԖBQŒ̌ L Q  L [\\[ۜ” LML L [\\[ۜ”LML L [\\[ۜ•][YB]X[YH܈HXK[H]\Y\\H[[ܙH[ Y][ۜ˂\\HܛX[XH[H[^B] ͌\Y\\[Y[]H\X\\ܚH\YY۝X\ێB]YܞNB\ܚHܙX]YH][ML^BHB[XZ[Y\΂B[\[HH [Y\΂BBBBBBUUԒTQQӐUԖH TSH܈QSJNH\\Hܙ\[HZ\Y[[XH[HXZ]Y܈^[Y[ وو^[Y[]XY