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Webinar DATE: 24 October 2017 TIME: Session 1: 12:00 ber Octo 24 0 20h0 @12/ Session 2: 20:00 COST: Absolutely Free - compliments of Virbac RSVP: Book your spot - Please Note: We are running TWO sessions on the same day - please choose the time which best suits you. Only 50 delegates per session. Histopathology in Dermatology: Maximising the Clinical Benefit Histopathological evaluation of skin biopsies forms a crucial and essential part of any dermatological evaluation and is one of the most powerful tools in dermatology. However, to maximize the benefit of this diagnostic tool one needs to have a very close work- ing relationship between the clinician and pathologist, regarding historical and dermatological information, graphic description of lesion distribution, in conjunction with good specimen selection, appropriate biopsy technique application and careful sample col- lection. As dermatopathology is the single most valuable labora- tory aid to the dermatologists, it is important that clinicians have a basic understanding of dermatopathology vocabulary and the sig- nificance of pattern analysis, to ensure that they extract as much benefit as possible from their histopathology report. SPEAKER: Dr Rick Last – Specialist Veterinary Pathologist Dr Last is recognised as a registered specialist veterinary pathologist by the South African Veterinary Council. He received the South African Veterinary Association Clinical Award in 2014. Membership of: • American Association of Veterinary Laborato- ry Diagnosticians • Charles Louis Davis Foundation of Veterinary and Comparative Pathology • International Society of Veterinary Dermato- pathology • European Society of Veterinary Dermatology Shaping the future of animal health We established a facebook group earlier this year and already have 1500 members from all over the world. We would like to invite all Veterinarians who are interest in Veterinary Dermatology to join. With this new platform we will be able to commu- nicate more easily and share interesting cases, discuss difficult cases, new treatments, etc. In order to join the SAVDIG, a registered facebook account is required. It is really simple. 1. Go to 2. Register yourself as a user on facebook under create account. All new users must have a functional email address. 3. During registration please stipulate the region and practice you work at for our demographic purposes. 3. Once you have registered and have a fully functional facebook account please click on the link below or copy this into the URL whilst you are logged into facebook 4. You can request to join this group and we will confirm. 5. The facebook page allows each member to upload any photos or post remarks. If you need assistance please feel free to email Cameron Prior on Cameron is a keen final year vet- erinary student at Onderstepoort, who has been very helpful in changing the format away from the old web forum site to a newer social media platform to make the group more accessible. Interested parties can also contact Heidi Schroeder ( or Andy Leizewitz ( Shaping the future of animal health Issue 04 | AUGUST 2017 | 7